View Full Version : FFL positional considerations

08-24-2005, 01:36 PM
So we're gearing up for FFL drafts for most leagues here in the next couple weeks. Some of the TBD positional battles for various teams, what's your take?

Denver RB - Anderson or Bell?
Cleveland RB - Suggs(hurt...again), Droughns, W.Green
Carolina RB - Foster, Shelton, S.Davis
Phily RB - How many carries does Westbrook get now?
Pittsburgh RB - Bettis, Haynes, Parker, Staley(will he ever be healthy?)
Chicago RB - Where should T.Jones slot on the draftboard?
Minnesota RB - Is Moore the new FFL SOD?

San Diego WR - any of them worth drafting? Who?
San Fran WR - see San Diego WR...
Atlanta WR - see San Fran WR...
Chicago WR - how badly is Moose overrated in this offense?
New England WR - Branch, Givens, Brown, A.Davis
Phily WR - TO gonna play? Brown or Lewis #2?
Denver WR - who goes 1st, Lelie or R.Smith?
Giants WR - Plaxico or Toomer #1, or who cares, it's still Eli...
Detroit WR - Rogers or M.Williams #2?
Carolina WR - Colbert or Gardner #2?
Minnesota WR - T.Taylor or T.Williamson #2?

Just a few TC battles to think about.