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el borracho
08-25-2005, 11:01 PM
Had some ideas for TV shows:

Godzilla: The Game Show

Contestants dress in a full-size Godzilla suit and are given a certain amount of time (letís say, 2 minutes) to destroy a replica of Tokyo. Each item destroyed would earn a number of points for the contestant. Certain items would be worth more than others so contestants would have to decide if they thought they would get more points stomping buildings (lower point per building but easy access) as quickly as they could or if they would be better at climbing towers to swat down helicopters (more points per helicopter but more time to climb and more challenging target). During bonus rounds, finalists would be required to combat other monsters such as Gitara and Mothra while still trying to destroy Tokyo.


In this reality tv show WWE stars would spend a number of months training geeks to be WWE wrestlers. All of the training would be condensed into short segments including before bios (accentuating the contestants geekiness), weight training (imagine Hulk Hogan or Randy Macho Man Savage training geeks in the gym!), wrestling technique training, and lessons on how to talk trash in a WWE voice. Two geeks would be featured each show and would, of course, face each other in a match at the end of each show. Perhaps winning contestants would continue on towards some grand prize at the end of the season?

08-25-2005, 11:09 PM
How about "Marsaray's Web Workshop"?

Couldn't help myself.

Oh, and I'd watch the WWGeek one.