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08-27-2005, 02:04 AM

Vermeil keeps eye on Tynes CHIEFS NOTEBOOK


The Kansas City Star

He was the first special-teams coach ever in the NFL, so it figures that Dick Vermeil would spend roughly the next three decades struggling with kickers.

Vermeil stood over his latest project, Lawrence Tynes, this week and studied as Tynes kicked each field goal. Something must have worked, at least for now. Tynes was 17 of 17 in a full kicking session this week.

“Every kicker I’ve ever had has gone through it,” Vermeil said. “I think it’s a Vermeil disease. I’ve had ’em Super Bowl years and playoff years. He’s not a flake, so there’s stability within his personality and he’s tough.

“If you can find a fundamental error, you can correct it. It’s just like correcting your golf swing.”

Tynes made some adjustments with his plant foot, and his goal tonight is to make every field goal. He went four for seven in the first two preseason games and was inconsistent during training camp.

Maybe it was the Vermeil curse. The Chiefs struggled with punting in Vermeil’s first four years in Kansas City, so they picked up a punter in the third round of the 2005 draft. Even Vermeil’s 1999 Super Bowl team in St. Louis had tough luck kicking. Their kicker at the time, Jeff Wilkins, had a sore knee during Super Bowl week, and Vermeil said he stashed Nick Lowery in a hotel in Atlanta just in case Wilkins couldn’t go.

Wilkins kicked three field goals, the Rams ended up winning the Super Bowl, and everything turned out swell.

“My wife tells me to stay away from them,” Vermeil said. “I used to drive them crazy. I used to be very intense with them. But I learned to not be that way. I started treating them more like I would a quarterback. I talk to them in a nicer tone of voice.”

■ HEALTHIER, SORT OF: The Chiefs had 25 scratches in last week’s game, and that number for tonight should drop dramatically. Vermeil expects to sit 11 players.

Offensive lineman John Welbourn probably won’t play because of a stiff neck, and linebacker Kendrell Bell is doubtful. Bell started contact work this week but will probably be held as a precaution, Vermeil said.

Asked whether Bell would play if tonight was a regular-season game, Vermeil said, “I would think so. That’s what we brought him here to do.”

■ COUNTDOWN TO CUTS: The Chiefs must trim 15 players off their roster Tuesday, so tonight is one of the last chances for players on the bubble to show what they can do.

Though the coaches have been pondering roster moves for about a week, Vermeil said nothing is set in ink. Among the most hotly contested spots are at linebacker, wide receiver, safety and the offensive line.

Chiefs Pantalones
08-27-2005, 02:09 AM
Kendrell "the bust!" Bell!

Move over, the bust is going to run you over!!! ROFL