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2005 NFL Preview
by: Chris Griffith | Staff Writer - NY Sports Day | Saturday, August 27 2005

The 2005 NFL Season is less than two weeks away, which means that it’s time for all the experts to bust out their predictions for the upcoming year. Every year those experts will analyze each team’s roster, pre-season performances and several other things involved with all 32-football team’s to help them determine how the season will progress. But, year after year each expert has come to the conclusion that none of us are smart enough or even capable enough to know exactly how the season is going to play out.

Let’s be honest, who in the right mind thought that the San Diego Chargers, a team that went 4-12 in 2003, would end up going 12-4 a year later? Not only that but show me the person that had Drew Brees headed to the pro-bowl prior to the 2004 campaign. Even the Chargers faithful couldn’t have imagined their team having such a remarkable turn around. That’s why we fans love the NFL so much, because each year we believe that our team has what it takes to do something special.

So, who is going to be this year’s San Diego Chargers and go from the basement to the top? And which team is going to be the Carolina Panthers of 2004, who went from the Super Bowl to a sub .500 team.

Below are my predictions on how I think this upcoming NFL season is going to turn out. But remember, like the rest of them, I am not a psychic nor do I have the power to go into the future and tell you exactly what is going to happen. Besides, even if I were, would you really want to know how it would all play out? What would be the excitement in that?

(Z – conference winner, y – division winner, x – wild card teams)


Eagles (11-5) - y

Giants (9-7)

Cowboys (8-8)

Redskins (4-12)

Despite all the off-field problems surrounding the Eagles thus far, they are still the team to beat in the East. The Giants and Cowboys have improved themselves from a year ago and should contend for a wild card berth but both teams are still a year or so away from knocking off the Eagles atop the division. The Redskins lost quite a few starters on their defensive from last season and have yet to solidify their quarterback situation. Patrick Ramsey is not the answer.


Vikings (10-6) – y

Lions (8-8)

Packers (6-10)

Bears (3-13)

The Vikings took a hit on offense when they lost Randy Moss to Oakland, but they were able to improve on defense. Many experts are putting the Vikings in as their favorites in the NFC. But I still have my concerns with the running game and even the receiving corp. Besides Nate Burleson (who will see quite a few double teams this year and must be able to adjust to them), the Vikings have several journeymen wide-outs and an unproven rookie. The Lions will be improved this year and may wind up playing in some meaningful games come December. The Packers, even with the immortal Brett Favre, have too many holes on both the offense and the defensive lines and will take a step back this season. The Bears season came crashing down in Week 1 of the pre-season when Rex Grossman was lost for the year


Panthers (11-5) – z

Falcons (10-6) –x

Buccaneers (7-9)

Saints (6-10)

The Panthers will return to the dominating team that they were a few years ago now that they are healthy again. Carolina fans should wind up seeing their team playing deep intro January. The Falcons will capture one of the two NFC wild-card berths but it won’t be easy considering that they play one of the hardest schedules in the conference. The Buccaneers are nothing more than a mediocre team again this season and will end up finishing just below the .500 mark. Look for this to be Jim Haslett’s final year in the “Big Easy” as his team will fail to make the playoffs once again.


Seahawks (10-6) – y

Rams (9-7) – x

Cardinals (8-8)

49ers (2-14)

The Seahawks were able to add just enough to their defense this off-season to finish ahead of St. Louis this year. Seattle looks like they could end up being a dangerous team come January with Shaun Alexander in the backfield. St. Louis will once again have an up and down year and they will end up sneaking into the playoffs at the very end. However, I don’t expect them to make much noise once they’re at the dance. The Cardinals are an up and coming team, however, I’m not jumping on their bandwagon just yet. Kurt Warner still has to prove that he has some gas left in his tank and they have to hope that either Marcel Shipp or J.J. Arrington can step up and become an every down back. The 49ers will struggle all year and will end up having the first round pick in 2006. Which brings up the whole discussion of whether or not the 49ers should take Matt Leinart with that pick considering the fact that they just took Alex Smith number one overall this year. Should be interesting to see how that would play out… but let’s not rush the season just yet!


Jets (11-5) – y

Patriots (10-6) – x

Bills (6-10)

Dolphins (4-12)

The Jets made some nice moves during the off-season, enough for me to pick them to finish ahead of the defending champs in the East. The Patriots will contend once again, though I believe that they have taken an obvious step backwards. Along with losing both coordinators from a year ago, the Patriots also lost the heart and soul of their defense when Tedy Bruschi got sick. It’s going to be interesting to see how the team responds to a tough off-season. The Bills have one of the best defenses in the AFC and they will help keep them competitive; however J.P. Losman is entering his first year as a starter and will only struggle. Miami has talent, but they have way too many holes to compete in possibly the toughest division in the league.


Ravens (10-6) – y

Bengals (9-7) – x

Steelers (7-9)

Browns (5-11)

The Ravens quietly had one of the better off-seasons in football. They were able to add talent on both sides of the ball and I believe that their defense, which dominated the league last year, has gotten even better. Cincinnati is another team that has been riding under the radar so far but they won’t be when the season is up. If Carson Palmer can become more consistent, expect the Bengals to make their first playoff appearance in quite some time. As for the Steelers, I have a funny feeling that Big Ben and co. will struggle a bit this season. Last year the Steelers made it look easy as they ended up losing only one game during the regular season. But this season I can see Roethlisberger going through a sophomore slump and Pittsburgh missing out on the post season. The Browns made a smart choice by hiring Romeo Crennel as their new head coach. Crennel will turn this team around, but it won’t happen this year.


Colts (13-3) – y

Texans (9-7)

Jaguars (8-8)

Titans (6-10)

There is no reason to believe that the Indianapolis Colts offense will let up at all from their dominating performance from a year ago. Look for the Colts to cost through the division and secure a first round bye. The Texans are a team that is on the rise and with a little luck, could wind up sneaking into the playoffs, while the Jaguars will be competitive but just don’t have enough yet to secure a playoff berth…although I really like their defense this year. Tennessee lost too many players this off-season to make any noise in the AFC South. But Jeff Fisher will have his team ready to play every Sunday and they may end up spoiling some other teams playoff dreams.


Chiefs (14-2) – z

Raiders (9-7)

Chargers (7-9)

Broncos (7-9)

I am extremely high on the Kansas City Chiefs this season. They have proven on offense that they can compete with anybody, but it’s been their defense that has let them down over the years. However, they put all their focus this past off-season on the defense and it should pay off. How can you not like what the Raiders did on offense by acquiring Randy Moss and LaMont Jordan. Their offense alone will win them a few games this year, but their defense will also lose them a few as well. The Chargers has a phenomenal 2004 season but I don’t expect them to do the same this year. Team’s will be gunning for them this year and their schedule to too difficult for them to have the type of season they had a year ago. Denver will compete like they always do under Mike Shanahan, but question marks on defense and the inconsistent play of Jake Plummer will keep them out of the dance once again.



Seahawks over Rams

Falcons over Vikings

Jets over Bengals

Patriots over Ravens

(Divisional Round)

Eagles over Seahawks

Panthers over Vikings

Colts over Jets

Chiefs over Patriots

(Conference Championship)

Panthers over Eagles

Chiefs over Colts


Chiefs over Panthers

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I bet you'd have to pay $500 to even get a seat to the AFC Championship game if that prediction holds true...what a freakin' game that would be...

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I like how that story ends. :thumb:

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OK, now we need to find out who Chris Griffith is, and whether he/she/it is a crack smoker.

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Woo Hoo!!

OK, now we need to find out who Chris Griffith is, and whether he/she/it is a crack smoker.

I bet it's Kris Griffin's pen name.

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Nutty. I thought his prediction for our record and the division was pretty optimistic...then I scrolled down to see who he had winning it all. Damn that would be sweet. Make's my heart go pitter patter.

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Woo Hoo!!

OK, now we need to find out who Chris Griffith is, and whether he/she/it is a crack smoker.

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It has now been posted on the mane.......

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