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T-post Tom
08-28-2005, 09:26 PM
Seattle Head Coach Mike Holmgren
On the game

“I think we learned a little bit about our football team tonight. I know Kansas City has an outstanding offensive football team. They displayed it on their first drive and then we settled in a little bit and played better defense which was good. We played against a good offensive football team. I know Trent Green was not in there after awhile but working against their offensive line and against Priest Holmes and stuff that’s always good work for our defense. I thought they did a pretty decent job really tonight.“

On the Seahawks offense: “Offensively we got off to a slow start and then we settled in a little bit and did some good things. We missed a couple throws that would have helped us early. We got a running game going a little bit but that is something we still have to improve upon, that’s for sure.“

On the injuries suffered in the game: “Other than “Pork Chop” [RT Floyd Womack], who hurt his elbow; we will know more about the extent of that injury tomorrow. I don’t think we have any real bad ones. [WR D.J.] Hackett hurt his knee just a little bit. Kerry Carter had a little bit of an ankle injury. I think those are the main ones.“

Seattle Player Quotes
On accomplishing goals in today’s game: “We won. And, that’s the first thing in the pre-season. . .you want to win the game. We gave up that long run on defense, so that hurt us. But at the same time, for the most part, our defense played pretty solid.“

On WR Darrel Jackson: “Darrel thrives in this humidity. He grew up in it, and he just seems to play well. We’ll just hope that keeps rollin’ in Week 1 against Jacksonville.“

On the game plan: “No, we had no game plan. Our game plan was just to run our offense and hopefully it works. We only had two days of practice; we really didn’t get to see much film on Kansas City. It took us a while to figure them out on third down. We finally made some adjustments and were able to move the ball.”

Fire Me Boy!
08-29-2005, 05:37 AM