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Spicy McHaggis
09-12-2005, 02:40 PM
Alright I was in my Polysci class today and the teacher was rambling about the importance of something or other to the house of something. Meanwhile I was having a heated discussion with my friend who said that the NFL is in danger of having a lot of its big names leave the league without anyone to fill the void. I told him he was a moron.

He challenged me to come up with a "youth roster" of good players and up and comers. Only rule was that they had to be 25 or younger at the start of the season, which he only did because LaDainian and Shawn Rogers are 26. So here's my roster of young bucks who I think will make a mark in the league. Feel free to disagree or add anyone. Or just tell me to stop wasting my time and pay attention in class.

So here it is my All-Youth Team.

QB - Big Ben, Palmer, Schaub
RB - LJ, McGahee, Kevin Jones
FB - Mike Karney, Greg Jones
WR - Andre Johnson, Larry Fitz, Lee Evans
WR - Roy Williams, David Givens, Michael Clayton
TE - Antonio Gates, Jason Whitten, Todd Heap
LT - Bryant McKennie, Adrian Jones
LG - Vince Manuwai, Eric Steinbach
C - Dan Koppen, Alex Stepanovich
RG - Shawn Andrews, Justin Smiley
RT - Jordan Gross, Kevin Sampson

RDE - Dwight Freeney, Julius Peppers, Suggs
DT - Kevin Williams. Darnell Dockett
DT - Vince Wilfork, Tommie Harris
LDE - Richard Seymour, Udeze, Redding
OLB - Karlos Dansby, Derrick Johnson
MLB - Vilma, Larry Foote
OLB - Will Witherspoon, Teddy Lehman, Pollack
CB - Trufant, Tillman, Asante Samuel
SS - Roy Williams, Polamalu
FS - Eugen Wilson, Madieu Williams
CB - Dunta Robinson, Nate Clements, Rashean Mathis

KR/PR - Terrence McGee
P - Colquitt
K - Nate Kaeding

09-12-2005, 02:59 PM
RB Carnel Williams, Tampa Bay 148 yds against the Vikes in his first pro game.
RT Jammal Brown, Saints rookie out of Oklahoma.