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Gracie Dean
09-13-2000, 08:20 PM
With all the bad stuff that has been happening to our school lately, and since I have been asking for your advice and prayers--both to which I am greatful for-- our music teacher just had a baby boy yesterday.

Everyone is in so much more a positive feeling atmosphere today... Just what we needed.

Thanks everyone.

09-13-2000, 08:23 PM
Pam - Congrats on the better news, my wife has now been teasing me telling me she will be having twins, and said she had a dream that she was going to. I find this kind of humor very wrong.

Gracie Dean
09-13-2000, 08:29 PM
I don't know...

When I was pregnant, I dreamt that I was going to have a girl....No fooling!!!

How is the wife?

09-13-2000, 08:34 PM
LOL...... morph, i know the feeling...my wife is having the same dreams.....

its a bad bad dream man

09-13-2000, 08:38 PM
Pam - She is still getting sick and she is definitly going through mood swings, it is prob a good thing she is in San Diego, otherwise she would just kill me.

Sun - I told her that if she did have twins she would have to have them naturally just for joking about it. That dream is wrong on so many diff levels. My story has been we are not having twins, it is not in our families and there is no way it will happen. That is my story and I'm sticking to it.

Gracie Dean
09-13-2000, 09:13 PM

MOrph, the mood swings are not that bad really. I am sorry you are missing the little things. This time in your life is sooo exciting.

I almost wish I could have another...alas it is not possible. Also with the way my home life is...it would be cruel to bring another child to it. The one I have already has it tough.

Gracie Dean
09-13-2000, 09:30 PM
Actually Morph,

Did you not know that pregnant women have weird dreams????

09-13-2000, 09:33 PM
Pam - The problem is that her dreams have a tendancy to come true. She had a dream about me before we met, it said that she would fall in love with me, and here we are. She had only seen me once in passing at an airshow a couple years before we met, kind of scary stuff.

Gracie Dean
09-13-2000, 09:35 PM
Wish some of my dreams would come true...<P>

09-13-2000, 09:38 PM
Pam - For my dreams to come true some serious things would have to happen with demons and the laws of physics, cause some demon snuck up on my *** at super speed last night and kicked my butt, and after that the dreams got more warped. Nothing like a cold and a slight fever to make for a good nights sleep, huh?

Gracie Dean
09-13-2000, 09:44 PM
Morph...I guess!!! sounds weird.

My dreams are just wishful thinking at this point... http://www.ChiefsPlanet.com/ubb/frown.gif

09-13-2000, 09:47 PM
Pam - Yeah the demon one was odd, I normally am pretty lucid during dreams and am able to stop anything bad from happening, but this happened way to damn quickly. Sorry about your issues.

09-13-2000, 09:48 PM
Geez, Pam, you sound really bummed. I'm starting to think you NEED to go to the game.

Gracie Dean
09-13-2000, 09:49 PM

Thanks....will work out one way or another. Just been a really really bad week. At work some of the 8th graders need to learn how to behave and at home.

Glad to hear your wife and baby are doing great.

09-13-2000, 09:50 PM
Pam - I can't wait till she comes home, it will be great.

Gracie Dean
09-13-2000, 09:51 PM

I am bummed. I think (hope) my family knows it.

But I am not just bummed about not seeing the game. NO one in our household is getting along and it is starting to take a toll on all of us.

And I caught a kid that I had been working with stealing candy out of our student council (which I am sponser) candy machines. I always see the best and am really disappointed when they prove me wrong.

Not that I want sympathy
but earlier, I found my daughter silently crying on my bed after yet another baby tirade from her daddy.

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09-13-2000, 09:55 PM
I didn't think were that bummed about missing the game. It sounds like you just need a break from the dead-end routine and your husband, who from your description seems like a bit of a jerk. Maybe you can't come to KC, but you should a least get out of the house this weekend. Take a break.


Have I ever mentioned that I hate Denver?

Gracie Dean
09-13-2000, 09:57 PM
I do need a break!!!

But, enough of that, this is supposed to be a happy thread!!!

Going for a smoke, then off to bed!!!

Night all

09-13-2000, 09:58 PM
Pam - I think you need to find one of those things I recommended, it might help you and with any luck your daughter as well. Might be worth the drive if you can find one.

Gracie Dean
09-13-2000, 10:00 PM
Yup, I agree!!!


09-13-2000, 10:01 PM
Goodnight, Pam. Have a better day tomorrow.


Have I ever mentioned that I hate Denver?