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Area 51
09-14-2005, 03:40 PM
At the state line between TX and LA, there is a HUGE, brand new rest
area. It's NICE.

Okay, here's the story. Last Friday, my dad, who works for TxDOT, answered a call for TxDOT employees to go help with the refugees at this rest stop.

So, after working ALL DAY Friday, he and three guys from his office left for the state line at I-20 and Waskom, TX. Working that evening was a state trooper, several sheriff's office deputies, Red Cross workers, TxDOT employees, and other local volunteers. These buses from New Orleans start pulling in. They let the people off to potty, eat, and rest. As they get off the bus, they are greeted and shown to the restrooms--where they pee all over the walls, floors, mirrors, etc. They did not even flush the toilets.

Left the restrooms in a HORRIBLE mess. The local Burger King restaurant donated burgers and hot dogs and had people there cooking. Two black dudes walk over to see what's being cooked and one says to the other, "Man, I don't want none of that shit." Other volunteers are handing out bottles of water. The people take them, drink two or three drinks from the bottles, and throw them on the ground. My dad and his coworkers spend their time picking up trash and taking it to the very large and OBVIOUSLY placed trash cans. (They ended up hauling off two HUGE truck loads of trash from these people). He said WASTEFUL wasn't the word. Other volunteers had brought in snack items, such as chips, crackers, gum, small candy, etc. There were ladies there making snack bags for the people and handing them out.

These nasty, nasty people would take the bags, dig out what they wanted and throw the remainder on the ground. BRAND NEW FOOD ITEMS! Daddy said one deputy got so mad he yelled at them to "STOP WASTING THESE GOOD FOLKS MONEY BY THROWING THE FOOD AWAY. IF YOU DON'T WANT IT, THE LEAST YOU CAN DO IS RETURN IT TO THESE NICE LADIES!" He was hot! Daddy worked pretty much all night. He and my mom said the people were HORRIBLE. Nasty, filthy mouthed, ungrateful. TxDOT had to pretty much scour the Rest Area and restrooms after they left. My dad went home and slept most of the day Saturday, got up sick and had to go back to bed. Remember, he'd been in the hospital not two weeks ago with chest pains (he's okay now, but still!). The man went to help these NASTY people after working ALL WEEK!!!

So, after hearing this, I could really care less about a lot of them. Idiots and human debris. I am more resolved now to send MY donations to the officers and firefighters. Forget these IDIOTS! They are fools and it's mean, but Texas does not need any more of those! GRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Okay, let them have a day or two of rest but then put those folks to work taking care of themselves. Why the hell should any of them want to get a job when they can lay around all day in free air conditioned stadiums where they don't have to spend a dime and they have TV, entertainment and education and great food? Houstonians are going nuts being nice to these people, free hamburgers, free admission to the Children's Museum and Museum of Natural Science, etc. Show your LA license and everything is free. Like I said, a short time is definitely warranted after all they have been through but it's my opinion that the worst thing we can do for them is to allow them to do nothing.

09-14-2005, 03:42 PM
Wow, this thread reeks of a snopes debugging.

Area 51
09-14-2005, 03:43 PM
Wow, this thread reeks of a snopes debugging.

I looked. Wasn't there.

I submitted it for them to research before I posted it.

09-14-2005, 04:44 PM
Here's a newspaper article about the Hurricane Katrina evacuees passing through I-20 rest stop in Waskom, Texas.


Rest stop supplies ease evacuees' trip


Saturday, September 03, 2005

WASKOM A quick turn off Interstate 20 into the Texas Tourist Information Bureau here Friday revealed an odd scene: hundreds of people sifting through mounds of clothing as quickly as they could before their bus departed for the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

Food, clothing, medical supplies and hygiene items were waiting for evacuees from New Orleans, but many still carried the shock of what they had seen in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

Most of the evacuees had been forced to flee homes and business buildings to take shelter in the Louisiana Superdome after water began flooding their formerly safe havens. There, they were met with a horrific scene.

"It was real, real nasty. I've never seen the Superdome like that," said Derrick Rogers.

He left his third-floor home in a speedboat when waters rose, gathering people on his way. He even found a canoe to tie to the side in order to carry more people along. But en route to safety, he saw many die.

"We had a four-year-old kid drown. He was on a raft, and it flipped over, and they couldn't find him. Then this man's girlfriend drowned," said Rogers, who is now on his way to Dallas, hoping to find a place to stay and a job.

Clara Seymore and her husband sat on top of their house for two days in 100 degree weather before someone came along in a boat and carried them to the Superdome.

"It was unbelievably nasty. There was feces and trash everywhere. People wouldn't take any time to care about you," she said, adding she still doesn't know where her daughter and three grandchildren went after a helicopter picked them up.

Clara Seymore's son-in-law, David Garcia, said he stood in line with her for 17 hours just to get on the bus that brought them to Waskom.

Others weren't so lucky to get a ride to the stadium. Milton Patrick and his friends and family were forced to swim through water with dead bodies floating alongside them.

"I had my little niece with me, and it was up to my shoulders. I ain't going back to New Orleans. I had been trying to leave and this is a good reason," he said with disgust.

Many were angry with the lack of government help, and with the way evacuation from the Superdome was handled. Even at the tourist bureau, the lack of federal government was felt when one man hollered out, "Where is FEMA?"

Though the Federal Emergency Management Agency's presence was not at the rest stop, several other groups were on hand to help, including Harrison County deputies, Department of Public Safety Troopers, Blue Cross Blue Shield personnel, Waskom police and firefighters as well as individual volunteers.

DPS trooper Chad Turner said he had only been at the center for about three hours and during that time 18 buses had come and gone.

"So far we haven't had any problems these people are just happy to be getting some food. The thing I see going the most are shoes, because they got soaked walking through water," he said.