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Desert Chief
09-13-2000, 10:57 AM
A bunch of you Yahoos would post incessantly on the Star's bb last year and have quit to come over here. It was more interesting when all the Chief-no-Lifes, Half-Lifes, left, right, educated, stupid, cosmopolitan, hic, meat-eating, gun-toting, ***** whips were all together in the same show.

This bb is ok, but the interface sucks. It looks like it was designed by a programmer.

09-13-2000, 10:59 AM
Precisely why we like it ***** !!

Go back and kiss your Queen Muthas A$$, why don't ya!

The 3 Stooges must go!!</B>

09-13-2000, 11:01 AM
WHY??? That BB is really lame IMHO. It's ALWAYS down and it's a pain to log in before EVERY response. Plus, the newbies ar a pain to deal with. There's just way more activites here and all the links to find anything on football or the Chiefs.

Clint in Wichita
09-13-2000, 11:02 AM
Like I care how it looks! http://www.ChiefsPlanet.com/ubb/rolleyes.gif

Who am I, Martha f_ckin' Stewart?!

We "regulars" have been replaced on the old BB by a bunch of dummies that can't even spell...let alone give a decent football take.

This is my signature!! There are many like it but this one is mine!!

Bob Dole
09-13-2000, 11:05 AM
Anyone have a good recipe for BBQ sauce? Bob Dole is tired of the commercial stuff...

09-13-2000, 11:14 AM
Someone help me out here. Does this person WANT us back at KC.COM, or is he/she simply baggin on us?

getting mixed signals.<BR>

09-13-2000, 11:17 AM
gaz, I can't tell either except if you read the original post very fast the picture of a 'RAT' pops into your head.

09-13-2000, 11:20 AM
I stop over there pretty regular but don't post much anymore. I like it here just fine. http://www.ChiefsPlanet.com/ubb/biggrin.gif

09-13-2000, 11:25 AM
You know who I really miss...Wiley Truhart.

Where did he go? Not that we really need more donkey boyz, but I missed his wit.

Feel free to stay a while, Desert Chief. After all you did make the arduous journey over here to see us.

09-13-2000, 11:36 AM
Yeah, I miss Wiley too. He would LOVE this interface.... Wish we could find him! I wonder if the Star's bbadmin would give us his email addy? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

09-13-2000, 11:37 AM

Gaz reminds me of Wiley a little. That dry humor thing really cracks me up!

09-13-2000, 11:41 AM
Yes, Gaz is very similar--maybe Wiley is Gaz's alter ego. http://www.ChiefsPlanet.com/ubb/confused.gif

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09-13-2000, 11:51 AM
The other BB is almostly completely full of people I have never heard of, I read it once in the morning, but rarely post. I wish Proctor would join us here, he is the only one I know, still posting exclusively over there. Of course, thats excludes the Queen Bee herself.

09-13-2000, 11:53 AM
I drop over there once in a while to read the topics. There are some newcomers that could bring decent input over here, does anyone still post over there with the link to this board?

09-13-2000, 12:02 PM
No way in hell I'm going back over to the star BB, or should I call it Denises BB. No wonder your over here. It's amazing how nobody over here has even considered one of my posts to be offensive. The IQ of this board is substatially higher anyways.

BIG DADDY tired of having his threads pulled.

09-13-2000, 12:06 PM
Bob Dole,

I have a great BBQ sauce recipe but it might take me a couple of days to find it. I am used 2 just eyeing it. GREAT HOMEPAGE, I always wondered what many of the regulars looked like. I will get back to you in the next few days with the recipe.

09-13-2000, 12:08 PM
Lets please not try to bash the other board. That's what gives the appearance of us being elitests. The last thing we want to do is alienate potential contributors to this board by saying the people on the other board or stupid or below us. Attack the board format & administration all you want. Let's try to leave the people out of it.

09-13-2000, 12:30 PM
Amen, Phil.

KC Jones
09-13-2000, 12:43 PM

Besides I post on both boards, and I don't want to be an elitist idiot who can't spell.

Gracie Dean
09-13-2000, 01:23 PM
I lurk over there, but post here because I am tired of the constant trolling over there.

09-13-2000, 01:25 PM
I lurk over there also, responding only rarely now.


Red Eyes
Chinn Up.

The SitCom must die

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09-13-2000, 01:28 PM
I had a VERY intellectually stimulating conversation with one of the trolls over there the other day. He kept calling the Chiefs the Chokers... so I kept referring to him as gay. (I hope this doesn't offend anyone, it was just a great way to aggrivate him.) He finally got fed up and didn't post anymore, but alas, the thread has been deleted. I wish I still had it, it was quite entertaining to see a troll get so frustrated.

09-13-2000, 01:49 PM
Gee, sorry. I didn't know everyone was so sensitive today. This politically correct thing is killing me. I also lurk and actually engage in the rare event that there is actually something of substance posted. I also wish Proctor was over here but oh well, you can only lead a horse to water.

BIG DADDY Doesn't understand the problemm with calling an apple an apple.

Clint in Wichita
09-13-2000, 02:15 PM
C'mon, people! Stop being nice and just say it....KansasCity.Com SUCKS ARSE!!

If the admin. from that BB happens to read this...BLOW ME!!

This is my signature!! There are many like it but this one is mine!!

09-13-2000, 02:20 PM
KC BB you can kiss my arse!

There, I feel better already! http://www.ChiefsPlanet.com/ubb/wink.gif

Tomahawk 11
09-13-2000, 03:11 PM

I don't want to be self conscience or anything, but sounds like you don't like us lurkers. I knew that little note by my name would discredit me. GEEZ. http://www.ChiefsPlanet.com/ubb/smile.gif

Desert Chief
09-13-2000, 03:27 PM
Oh I get it, you guys took all your toys and went home and started your own bb. I was just curious to see. The damn type face is so small maybe I need bifocals. Is it something like \<basefont=-3\> ??
ANyway I've seen the litany of crap you old timers would spout off last anyway. Nothing new.
And Russ Bliss is a moderator ?I though he was the impotent guy on Pheonix Sports Radio that does the "Fantasy Forum" and rants and raves on the Cardinals org.?

09-13-2000, 03:34 PM
Desert - Both BB's together was a little better, because it was more active. Like the others I go over there and see very few people that I know, and many I don't care to know. We are pretty self regulated, which keeps the troll population down to nearly nil. This one is nice because of the ability to post links, the Admins are coming up with games for us to play and pretty much take every idea that we give them into consideration to upgrade the looks and feel of this BB. If you have an ideas to make it look or feel better you can tell them and they will probably do it. Plus we get apologies when the BB crashes over here with an explination why, over then we never were even given that common courtesy.

Desert Chief
09-13-2000, 03:41 PM
What is self-regulated ? Does that mean Russ Bliss is connected 24/7 ?

I don't quite see how trolls would stay away, anyhow it seems to be more interesting when there is a certain amount of discourse --even if it means putting up with A-Holes. There is always the informed fan from the upcoming foe that is cocky, but respectful.

09-13-2000, 03:47 PM
Desert Chief - Not 24x7 so to say, but more often then not one of the 5 admins/moderators are around. People from other teams are more then welcome to post here, people who can't use words other then suck and throw personal insults around. If it was found that we needed more moderators to help keep the BB clean then they would add more. We had a couple of guys from the Colts come over and play before the first game, there were some pretty good conversations and they invited us over to their BB that was run the same way.

09-13-2000, 03:57 PM
sounds like someone has an issue with Russ. So what again was the point of this post? To knock this BB? To invite everyone back or just to draw attention to one's self like Rodney King?

09-13-2000, 04:02 PM
Free Rodney King !
Free Rodney king !
Free Rodney King !


[i] All alone at the top!!</I>

Desert Chief
09-13-2000, 04:05 PM
Titus (the Conqueror)-

I really don't know if I took the journey over here to visit YOU, and dammit, I don't really know if this topic has a point. I guess this bb is not for me if I don't have a point! Damn.Some much for me thinking that this place was not for elitists only.I see you have Clit from Whicita Falls and his foul mouth over here, and don't GAZ on ME and has weird little squiggly tilde things., ans Russ Bliss(ter) and his candidacy forthe next Big Brother, etc, et al

09-13-2000, 04:09 PM
Desert Chief,

Relax man, very few of us left the other board for any reason other than extra features and new scenery. I still lurk on that board and post from time to time. This we think we're better thing is totally without merit. You're the only one I see consistently calling people out. Just chill, and hang here for awhile. KC needs more representation from the Southwest/AZ.


Remember Kansas City's hero, Joe Delaney #37.

09-13-2000, 04:10 PM
Sounds like we have a troll here with DesertChieftie...

This BB was established to combat censorship and encourage free expression... A post will be pulled if it starts attacking individuals on the BB... Otherwise, almost anything goes, including the language content and topics...

Wanna talk about football, politics, sex, beer, football, music, movies, sex, beer? Fine with us...<BR>

Desert Chief
09-13-2000, 04:17 PM
I bet the fly was the one who got picked on in school --so go ahead and accuse me of being a troll...kick back in that chair and lock up with that WebTv keyboard and type your way to the promised land brother.
-- AZ Chief I think I want to be just like you.

09-13-2000, 04:19 PM
You sound just like good ol' roger!

We have ways of dealing with you... we can even determine your IP address and shut out your port... So play nice now... Cause we've shut off a couple of trolls already...<P>

09-13-2000, 04:21 PM
(shhhhh... next thing you know this guy will start stalking Pam... better get that IP sniffer ready...)

Desert Chief
09-13-2000, 04:23 PM
Woooah Fly-
C'Mon now take it easy. That sounds like a threat with th 'ol IP number there. This place is Italy circa 1942. Hello Mussolini......

09-13-2000, 04:28 PM
If you act like a troll then you won't be around long... that's just the one rule here that is enforced...

Content-wise you can pretty much talk about anything...

So which will it be, rog? Or whoever you are?<BR>

Nelson Muntz
09-13-2000, 04:29 PM
ok i know i'm retarded but what is this interface thing? i think everything about this bb is better than the other one. but i still lurk on the other one occasionally.

~Thats why they call me slim shady~

09-13-2000, 04:30 PM
One day, you may be just like me but until then just relax. No ones gonna take your lunch money here. Everyone's usually pretty cool and lately a little frustrated by the chiefs coaching.

Where do you watch the games in Tempe?

thinking about getting some lunch money! http://www.ChiefsPlanet.com/ubb/smile.gif

Desert Chief
09-13-2000, 04:32 PM
Now Fly-

The next thing you'll say is Mussolini did some good...
No wonder this palce is so trendy. One little quip or two and people like you come out of the router hub with the "Lets get his IP number", his "user profile", please retrieve his "cookies" immediately, "Call his ISP", call the "Dept. of INFORMation".

Naw, I don't like the feel of this place. It starting to give me the creeps.
One question: Once I'm "in", can I leave? That's a Yes or No answer, please.
And about my first born...

Desert Chief
09-13-2000, 04:42 PM
Ultra Slim Fast-

It's the damn TYPE FACE. I must need Bifocals! The HTML code is set to something like: BaseFont=-3 or something. RIDICULOUS !!
What, do I need to set the Prefs on my browser to something special for this site? Damn, it's bad enough that users have their eyeballs trained on this light emitting CRT, but to have the type face so small --I feel like I'm filling some goverment tax form.Most users like to be able to skim.... Where do I complian? (HeeHee)

09-13-2000, 04:48 PM
Hmmm, his first post is at around 11:00 am and it only took him 6 hours to decide that he didn't like posting here?

Sounds like the kind of guy who pays extra for root canals.

09-13-2000, 05:01 PM
Desert Chief,

What resolution and size of monitor are you using? We haven't seen any complaints about the font sizes until now...


09-13-2000, 05:08 PM
Russ, this guy is just here to taunt folks. He can't be rog 'cause his vocabulary is too large. He's a semi-literate techie troll who just wants to get a rise...

Hope he gets one soon and goes away... http://www.ChiefsPlanet.com/ubb/wink.gif

Bob Dole
09-13-2000, 05:22 PM
The "posted" and "IP logged" font is set to 1 and the text of each post is cleared to the default.

Sheesh...Bob Dole feels like a true geek for even looking at the source...

09-13-2000, 05:22 PM
I like this board just fine, thank you. If you don't, then don't let the door hit you in the a$$ on the way out.


Have I ever mentioned that I hate Denver?

Bob Dole
09-13-2000, 05:24 PM
<font size="-3">This is minus three</font>
<font size="-2">This is minus two</font>
<font size="-1 "FACE="Helvetica, verdana, ariel">This is minus one</font>
<font size="1" FACE="Helvetica, verdana, ariel">This is one</font>
<font size="2" FACE="Helvetica, verdana, ariel" FACE="Helvetica, verdana, ariel">This is two</font>
<font size="3" FACE="Helvetica, verdana, ariel">This is three</font>
<font size="4" FACE="Helvetica, verdana, ariel">This is four</font>

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That's certainly bizarre...

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Mile High Mania
09-13-2000, 08:18 PM
I like this BB... I'm friggin shocked how much more pleasant it is without Denise and the influx of trolls. However, the trolls will find their way.

Desert - your problems sound like a 'user error' to me. I've never had an issue with fonts or any of that stuff.

They publish a series of books, one of which is "Computing for Dummies". As well, there are various "Idiot's guides to Computing" and stuff like that. No, I'm not suggesting you buy them, nor am I calling you an idiot or a dummy. But, it could help ... you never know.


Gracie Dean
09-13-2000, 08:28 PM
If it smells like a duck......

Hey Fly, No ideas ya hear.<BR>

09-13-2000, 08:48 PM
I just read through all the posts on this thing.

What the heck was this guy trying to say? I have had more intelligent sharing of thoughts with a tight bolt on an old oil pan.

I guess the guy had a bent for me, kinda scary.

I don't know any Russ Bliss that supports the Cards, but I do have an interesting side note:

Another Russell Bliss owned a waste oil company and actually destroyed an entire town (Times Beach, Missouri) with his illegal dumping of dioxin laced oil.

Here is a look at the town after his damage (Quicktime Download):
Times Beach 18 Years After the Disaster (http://www.cnn.com/CNN/bureaus/chicago/stories/9706/timesbch/av/tbflock.mov)

Here is the CNN article:
Russell Bliss Single Handedly Destroys an Entire Town (http://www.cnn.com/CNN/bureaus/chicago/flashback/timesbch/detail/index.htm)

I am still asked to this day if I am the guilty party or related to him.

09-13-2000, 08:51 PM
Russ - I think I'm much happier with the Packard Bell comments I get then being accused of being that guy.

09-13-2000, 08:55 PM
My biggest screw-up namesake is Harry Frazee, the moron who traded Babe Ruth from the Red Sox to the Yankees.

I loved visiting Boston, but I never told people there my real name for fear of being lynched.

No relation that I know of. Thank God.

09-13-2000, 09:00 PM

Everybody's always confusing my name with other people... http://www.ChiefsPlanet.com/ubb/wink.gif

although i do look like certain movie stars... http://www.ChiefsPlanet.com/ubb/rolleyes.gif<P>

09-13-2000, 09:02 PM
Luz - I'm not sure that looking like Carrot Top really is anything to brag about...

09-13-2000, 09:06 PM
I prefer this board way more than the KC.com board. It works faster & has less downtime, not to mention we get to use smiley faces. http://www.ChiefsPlanet.com/ubb/smile.gif If you don't like this board, don't use it.

09-13-2000, 09:08 PM
Morph - CarrotTop??? Man, you are cruel.

Luz, the closest I can think of is Luczinsky of the Luczinsky method of labelling computer files.

What was really weird was the FIRST AND last names being the same. I will never drive near the remains of that town and accidently use a credit card.

Gracie Dean
09-13-2000, 09:09 PM
People are always asking if I am related to Pam DAWBER-- I guess they think it sounds the same???

Now, (showing my age) does anyone remember who Pam Dawber is????????

09-13-2000, 09:10 PM
Russ - If anyone can take enjoyment out of that Luz can. I think I would go out of my way to make sure not to be near that town.

09-13-2000, 09:12 PM
Pam - Of course.... Mindy of Mork and Mindy fame.

09-13-2000, 09:15 PM
I wonder if Pam Dawber is related to Dawber off of Coach? http://www.ChiefsPlanet.com/ubb/tongue.gif

Gracie Dean
09-13-2000, 09:19 PM
Don't know about that, but last I heard she was married to Mark Harmon???????????

Is he related to Angie Harmon??????

Dog Day
09-14-2000, 11:16 AM
The only thing wrong with this site, is that it's full of Chief "fans".


I'm going to take your lunch money!

Desert Chief
09-14-2000, 01:38 PM
I heard there were actually members of the fairer sex at the Star's bb.
There seems to be a lot of guys that are sent here with the trial "Viagra" sample from their Doctor.

Clint in Wichita
09-14-2000, 01:40 PM
What "catches" those women are! Have you SEEN Denise's pic?

To each his own, I guess.

This is my signature!! There are many like it but this one is mine!!

09-14-2000, 01:43 PM
russ...that times beach thing. you know the mo dept of natural resources has taken it over and is turning it into a state park?

nice place to plan a picnic...

09-14-2000, 01:53 PM
I love you too Clint http://www.ChiefsPlanet.com/ubb/tongue.gif

--considers herself a catch

Gracie Dean
09-14-2000, 04:05 PM

I happen to think that at 33 I look better than ever!


agrees with shannon, we are a catch!

Clint in Wichita
09-14-2000, 04:32 PM
Just kidding. I couldn't allow Desert Chief to take that pot shot at us without some sort of reply!

This is my signature!! There are many like it but this one is mine!!

09-14-2000, 05:36 PM
sec - On recent stories I heard that it will actually be made into a nice sized park, complete with lake.

09-14-2000, 05:39 PM
Hmmmm Desert Chief states that this board is full of men on viagra and he continues to post here...
One must make one of two assumptions:

Desert Chief is a woman who loves the company of men on viagra


Desert Chief is a man who loves the company of men on viagra....

Which is it?

09-14-2000, 05:46 PM
Russ - And you thought my CarrotTop comment was mean...

09-14-2000, 05:52 PM
Morph - Simple logic... I am amazed that someone would take that comment as a slam http://www.ChiefsPlanet.com/ubb/wink.gif

09-14-2000, 06:11 PM
<img src=http://members.tripod.com/~starsportscards/kylekicka.gif>

Nuff said.<BR>