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09-25-2005, 08:46 AM
Normally I don't ask for help on FF but the way I see it I got a mess today in regards to match-ups.

Scoring 6 pt td's
1pt every 10 yds rushing/receiving
1pt every 25 yds passing
Coaches=10 pts for a win

I'll list my players with the ones I'm considering in bold


Kurt Warner...my qb situation sucks so I thought what the hell at least I can watch Eli in primetime.
Eli Manning

Corey Dillon........this one really has me worried,am I just being a homer and wanting to see LJ in primetime or do I have a legit case here for benching Dillon
Rudi Johnson
Larry Johnson
T.J. Duckett

Chris Baker....with the D of the Jags I'm thinking Chad is looking for his TE all day.
Jermaine Wiggins

Jimmy Smith
Kevin Curtis....Rams home opener everybody gets involved today
Laverneaus Coles......not comfortable starting two Jets receivers as I'm seeing limited scoring,see TE above
Keary Colbert
Marc Boerigter

Jeff Wilkins
Lawrence Tynes...he's leading our league in scoring

Chicago D
Baltimore...on bye

John Fox...yes we start a coach Carolina is at Miami
Tom Coughlin

Old Dog
09-25-2005, 09:38 AM
I would start LJ. I don't kno wwhich of the others I would sit though, neither has a favorable matchup at all vs either Pittsburgh or Chicago.
Colbert over Curtis
other than that the bolded ones are the right ones IMO