View Full Version : Bob Dole was given the opportunity to be proud.

Bob Dole
09-17-2000, 05:53 PM
Bob Dole has been ragging JR and gunther as much as anybody this past week. Bob Dole sat in a Texas bar today and was thrusted serious grief through most of the first half, while Bob Dole defended his team and pointed out that the Chargers had scored a whole 3 points on offense.

The play calling was somewhat creative for the first time this season and the players were allowed to showcase their skills. Bob Dole was proud to be a KC fan wearing his Joe D. jersey in a sea of non-Chiefs fans. Bob Dole again has hope for this season, as the coaching staff finally arose to the level of play illustrated by the guys on the field.

Thanks for waking up, Gun and Jimmy. (And Li'l Schotty didn't screw up too bad, either...)<BR>

Gracie Dean
09-17-2000, 06:19 PM
I agree, it was like a complete turnaround.

Hope this becomes the norm.

Bob Dole
09-17-2000, 06:25 PM
It was like watching the team we serious "homers" knew was there the first two weeks.

One of the bartenders actually suggested at the end of the first quarter that Bob Dole might want to burn his KC jersey...but Bob Dole (who is definitely a stubborn bastige) hung in there and had the last laugh.

It's good to finally see everything come together for a win.