View Full Version : Talented "no names" will be key tonight IMO

09-26-2005, 03:45 PM
With Roaf out and Denver having undersized LB's look for Priest and especially LJ to go right up the gut between the middle three Shields Weigmann and Waters exploiting their undersized crew. Although Denver's LB's are undersized they are the quickest in the NFL and it will be difficult to run to the outside and turn the corner especially with Roaf out. Priest more so than LJ. Priest needs Roaf, PERIOD. LJ does not.

But I really believe that if Saunders uses Parker,Horn and Wilson more in timely key situations they will be the difference makers opening it more for Gonzo,Holmes,Johnson & Kennison to put the nail in the coffin for a victory at the end of the game.