View Full Version : CBS Sportsline.com preview gives us a 57% chance of winning tonight

09-26-2005, 06:49 PM
The graphic on the CBS Sportsline.com website's preview of tonight's game is based on projections from an outfit called StatShark.com. Based on 10,000 simulated games, they estimate we have a 57% chance of winning tonight. I don't know how their simulations account for injuries, however.


Here's what The Shanman of StatShark.com has to say about the game tonight. Note that he guesses the final score will be Broncos 31, Chiefs 30.

Chiefs + Broncos = Classic
By The Shanman - StatShark Staff Writer
Sep 21, 2005, 03:38

If you can't get pumped up for a Kansas City/Denver game, then you don't like football. These two teams are always entertaining rivals. Chiefs fans, like Indy's, are talking about defense this year, which could make it hard for the Broncos offense to keep up with the Chiefs.

Priest Holmes and Larry Johnson have taken over all touchdowns and fantasy points for the Chiefs offense so far this year. It's a two-headed monster that is nearly unstoppable. If you have Trent Green or Tony Gonzales on your fantasy team, like me, you probably lost the first two weeks, like me.

Denver's defense really showed up last week in the second half against the Chargers, with Champ Bailey returning an errant Drew Brees pass for a touchdown. Denver fans actually booed the team at halftime, making me miss my hometown Philly fans immensely. Give the Broncos credit for responding, but the Chiefs are primed and ready for a Super Run.

StatShark.com current simulations have the Chiefs winning outright by a point 56.5 % of the time.

It's so hard to pick any game today, let alone a rivalry as heated as this one. But, do you take a two-headed monster (Holmes, Johnson), or a two-headed boogy man (Anderson,Bell). It's a no brainer on that one, but it is the mystique of Mile High.

Broncos 31 - Chiefs 30.

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