View Full Version : Did anybody else notice our soft zone again?

09-18-2000, 07:55 AM
I know we did well, but this was a SD offense led by the Moreno/Leaf two-headed monster. Our corners were lined up 10 yards off the ball, letting the receivers run routes. If we play like that against Denver, we're going to get lit up really severe.

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09-18-2000, 08:08 AM
Parker - suffice it to say, we could not play the same D against Denver that we played yesterday. I noticed the coverage as well. At one point in the first half, I saw Patrick Dennis lined up 12 yards from Conway. I nearly **** my pants. Fortunately, SD couldn't catch, throw or read coverages yesterday.

We will have to play a much more agggressive DB package against Denver or they will be chewing up 10-15 yds on every pass play, not including their yards after catch. Denver is tougher to defense than the Colts, because they have more weapons, IMO. If you line up 7 in the box, they have the speed to burn you down field, especially against our corners. If you play zone coverage (with a nickel back), they can effectively run the ball. Our only chance to create havoc for Denver's offense is to get penetration into their backfield. Without that, we could be in for a long day.

09-18-2000, 12:26 PM

I agree, we will not , or hope not, play the same type of defense against Denver. Remember, we were playing against a weak offensive team and were getting pressure against the qb which allowed us to play a softer zone.

Hopefully we will keep our streak intact, our third consectutive game in which the starting qb has been knocked out.... Gaz, is that a bone crushing defense for you.


09-18-2000, 01:05 PM
Again, Gunther is talking out of both sides of his mouth.

If we drafted these big, physical D-Backs, we sure as hell shouldn't play them 10 yards deep. Put Dennis on the line and let him smack Rod Smith in the mouth a few times. Let that wife beater know how it feels. http://www.ChiefsPlanet.com/ubb/biggrin.gif

Our D-Line is getting better by the week, and I think Griese we'll be getting some heat.

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Jimmy Raye for President...anything to get him out of Kansas City
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09-18-2000, 02:20 PM
I think it is worth starting out the game trying to get pressure on griese with just our front four (will Clemmons be back this week?). If we can do this, we win the game ~ hands down.

The O Line of Denver is better than SD's however, so we will need to be ready to make adjustments early.

I would like to see us start out rushing four, and then disguise five man rushes well enough that Griese's inexperience shows up.

In all cases, pressure on their QB will again be the key.

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09-18-2000, 02:25 PM
Denver’s OL is better at run blocking because they have quick feet. That very attribute makes them less effective at pass blocking. Our sizeable DL should be able to camp in the Broncos backfield.

Of course, Denver will use the screen pass to try and force us to back off the pressure on Griese. The onus is on Schottenheimer to devise a plan to counter this tactic.

Oh dear, I just depressed myself again.

just realized he has to depend on Kurt S.<BR>

Pitt Gorilla
09-18-2000, 06:04 PM
Are you sure you people understand football? That was not a SOFT zone!!! I was a zone defense, but there was nothing SOFT about it. Occasionally, zones give up yardage, but rarely the big play. A good zone will allow the quarter back to throw to an "open" receiver, only to have the ball knocked away, (e.g. Pat Dennis's deflection). When played properly, it can be VERY effective, especially when the front four ALONE are providing the pressure. That leaves about 7 pretty quick people to sit in zones and make plays. Ask Lew Bush. Ask Donnie Edwards. Ask Dom Capers.