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09-18-2000, 02:02 PM
The Cat is awesome, but what really impressed me was Elvis. It was like watching a transformation out on a football field. The first quarter interception got me really down, but he came out of it in the second quarter. After each of his FIVE touchdowns John Tait hugged Elvis. Grunhard praised Elvis as well. I think Elvisí relationship with those two linemen is very important. Itís all about trust and they got it. Recently the Chiefs would do OK out of the gate, then hit a slump and then get out of it and put up huge numbers. I think this team is going to be on fire from here on out. We will lose a game or two, but watch out here comes the Chiefs!

Hoover <BR>

09-18-2000, 02:12 PM
I was really impressed with Grbac yesterday as well. He was really struggling in the first quarter and after that pick the crowd really got on him. I thought he was about to get that "lost in the eyes, breathin' through his mouth" look. However, he composed himself and the team. He let them know it was early and silenced the booing crowd at Arrowhead by putting up the best passing TD performance since Dawson. I was really proud of his ability to stay composed.



Baby Lee
09-18-2000, 02:27 PM
OTOH, he can lose the golf visor on the sidelines. I loved his performance on the field, but he's not the REAL Slim Shady. Grin

Gracie Dean
09-18-2000, 07:00 PM
I agree, what is with that visor...is it some kind of superstition? It looks quite sissified!

09-18-2000, 08:22 PM
after yesterday's performance.......im lookin to buy one of those visors...lol