View Full Version : Compare the '05 Rai ders and the '04 Chiefs

09-30-2005, 06:28 PM
both teams with an 0-3 start. Both teams with amazing offenses, terrible defenses.

I think on offense 04 Chiefs are better. They can't touch our O-Line, Priest/ Blaylock/ LJ over who they got, and Trent Green is hands down better than Collins. Who gives a crap about his SB appearances.

Still, both the '04 Chiefs and the ;05 Rai ders can put points on anybody. The reality is, the defenses killed us last year, and will be the downfall of the Ra iders this year.

Last year, our D-Line was pushed around every week. The OLBs were consistently beat to the corner, and not very good in pass coverage. McCleon was burnt almost every week, as was Bartee when he was in there. Warfield did good, but did they ever throw to his side? Injury killed us at safety and there were times when Pyle and Harts were starting.

Their run D seems to be better than ours was last year. I know the Chiefs weren't the worst team out there this year, but the Rai ders seem to have the tackles to stop the run, and their LBs aren't real quick but better at stopping the run than they are ion pass coverage. Another key difference is that they have Woodson, and there wasn't a player of that caliber on our defense last year.

Do you think the Rai ders are as good as or better than last year's KC team?