View Full Version : Quality Of Wins In the AFC West

10-02-2005, 02:27 PM
The way I see it the Chiefs are doing a bit better (even before the Eagles game), the Raiders are doing worse, and the Chargers/Broncos have overcome early faux pas to get just about where they should be.

Looking at the schedules for the Chiefs/Raiders/Broncos/Chargers through the first four weeks and applying a formula related to wins/losses from last year (1 point added/subtracted if record was appreciably - more than 4 games - better/worse than opponent, 2 points if the difference is more than 6 games) as well as factoring in home/away standings (1 point added/subtracted depending on location) I see the first four games for the AFC West teams thusly:

Home vs. Jets: Toss-up
Away vs. Raiders: Probable loss
Away vs. Broncos: Expected loss
Home vs. Eagles: Probable loss
Record Should Be: 0-4 to 1-3

Away vs. Patriots: Expected loss
Home vs. Chiefs: Probable win
Away vs. Eagles: Expected loss
Home vs. Cowboys: Expected win
Record Should Be: 2-2

Away vs. Dolphins: Probable win
Home vs. Chargers: Probable win
Home vs. Chiefs: Expected win
Away vs. Jaguars: Toss-up
Record Should Be 3-1 to 4-0

Home vs. Cowboys: Expected win
Away vs. Broncos: Probable loss
Home vs. Giants: Expected win
Away vs. Patriots: Probable loss
Record Should Be 2-2