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09-22-2000, 06:24 PM
Seems that we bother people still...

TOPIC: Chiefsworld.com talking MORE smack
Jeremy Martin (Jmart), 09/22/00 06:57 pm
It seems like the faithful over at the other board can't get over themselves... In the rare instances I lurk over there, there is ALWAYS a thread dogging this board and its posters... And when someone tries to be nuetral (yo, Injun), they get all sorts of crap from everyone...

I thought we had agreed to drop this crap? Both boards are basically the same in my opinion. THE EXACT SAME TOPICS. So smiley faces make your board better???? You should just name your board denisebashing.com... You guys don't have to deal with her, but she still seems to be your favorite topic of discussion...

So are you going to let this go once and for all? Stop acting like children and just enjoy talking Chiefs....<BR>