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10-13-2005, 06:41 PM
Re: Not in Our Honor Rally

Indigenous Organizations and other concerned groups will take part in a peaceful rally in front of Arrowhead Stadium, when the Kansas City Chiefs play the Washington Redskins.

We are seeking to educate the general public about the misrepresentation of these racialized mascot images.

America has fashioned itself internationally to be a champion of human rights, yet at home overtly supports racist American Indian imagery in the sports world. Indian mascots serve to pass down racial stereotypes of Native peoples from generation to generation. Thankfully, hundreds of public and private entities have made conscious decisions to remove harmful racial imagery. As America has matured, it has retired imagery like Little Black Sambo, the Frito Bandito, and black minstrel shows. People would not honor an African-American by calling them the N-word, dressing up in black face and throwing a spear, so why is it deemed appropriate to exploit Native Americans in the same fashion? Awareness of the name behind the mascot is vital in helping to educate the public about this type of open racism.

October 16, 2005 a group will gather at 9am in front of Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City, Missouri.

If there remains any doubt of Natives being honored, come observe how peacfully the rally is recieved.

Not in Our Honor Committee

913.710.7430, P.O. BOX 522, Desoto, KS 66018

contact via email: ryan@redhandmedia.com

Amanda Blackhorse, Dine' Nation, KU Student

Caleena Hernasy, Navajo Nation, Haskell Student Senate President

Ceanna Horned Eagle, Ihanktonwani Dakota/Kickapoo Nation, Haskell Oyate Club Vice President

Rhonda LaValdo, Acoma Pueblo, KU Student

Jason Lewis, Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma, KU First Nations Student Assoc.

Marquetta Peltier, Oglala Nation, Concerned Citizen

Ryan Red Corn, Osage Nation, Concerned Citiizen

Deidre White Man, Turtle Mountain Chippewa Nation, KU Center for Indigenous Nations Studies Student