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Q: Did you take it personally when the Dolphins decided to trade you to Kansas City?

SURTAIN: Not at all. It was a business decision. I had one year left on my deal, but you have to understand when you get seven to eight years in the league you understand its a business and they made a business decision. I was happy with the seven years I played in Miami, but I just think it was time to move on.

Q: How will it feel to go against guys who used to be your teammates? Will it be an advantage for you at all?

SURTAIN: Its going to be strange. Its going to help me somewhat because I know what those guys like to do and I know some of their releases but they run a totally different offense, so in one aspect it will but an other aspect they run different routes now so its a whole new thing.

Q: What will you think when you walk into that stadium as an opponent?

SURTAIN: Am I really on the opposing team? When you stay in one place for your career for so long you get used to things and just walking through that stadium some memories are going to come back but when the game starts all that will go away and I just have to go out there and play football.

Q: How do you think youll be received?

SURTAIN: I am thinking good. I dont think I have done anything to tick those guys off. I gave them seven great years and I accept a warm reception.

Q: Talk about the challenges of facing a Miami offense that includes both rookie RB Ronnie Brown and RB Ricky Williams?

SURTAIN: Its tough. Both those guys are great backs. They can do different things and both of them are really good out of the backfield catching the ball. We are going to have to be on our Ps and Qs because both those guys can hurt us at any given time and thats the key for the whole game stopping those guys and making them one-dimensional.

Q: Why is it so difficult when both of those guys are in the game?

SURTAIN: It is because when you have a true fullback out there 99 percent of the time the running back is going to get the ball, but when you have two halfbacks, either guy can get it and they can do different things with it, so it presents a different challenge.

Q: What are your thoughts on the return of RB Ricky Williams?

SURTAIN: I think its great and everybody deserves a second chance and he made a decision to leave the game and it was a personal decision so who am I to judge. RB Ricky (Williams) and I are pretty good friends when I was there. He was a cool guy to me. I just wish him the best of luck and hope that he regains the form he had a couple years ago.

Q: Do you expect CB Sam Madison to be trash talking?

SURTAIN: Thats Sam. I dont know if he toned it down this year or whatever. I really havent been watching, but thats Sam. He is going against the offense. He is not going against me and that gets him going, so I expect a little bit of trash talking but not too much.

Q: Talk about the addition of your former Dolphins teammate S Sammy Knight to this team?

SURTAIN: It has been great. From day one when I came here, Sammy has meant the world to this defense to this secondary to this whole team and I think guys really respect him. The way he has been playing this year has been phenomenal. Just having him back there and playing with him for two years in Miami, theres certain things we can do that maybe the other guys cant do so just the communication aspect of it has helped me tremendously.

Q: What has Sammy been doing specifically?

SURTAIN: The first five games he has been laying people out and that is why they brought us in there to provide some stability with the secondary. We have given up some yards this year, but we are 3-2. Hopefully we can get this thing turned around and get on the right track and make a run.

Q: What are your impressions of the Miami offense this year?

SURTAIN: Its different because you know the system is different, but its fairly similar to when Norv (Turner) was there. But the players make the system. Even though the numbers dont prove it I have tremendous respect for WR Chris Chambers. I think he is a gifted receiver who is under-utilized. I tell guys that all the time I used to go against him every day in practice so I know what kind of receiver the guy is. You cant sleep on Marty Booker. He is a solid veteran who can get the job done. You have WR David (Boston). WR Wes (Welker), I used to go against Wes everyday in practice last year. He is a terrific receiver. He is quick, tough and been making a lot of plays. We are going to have our work cut out for us, but we will be ready for a challenge.

Q: Did you speak to Coach Saban before you were traded?

SURTAIN: I talked to Nick a couple of times and he told me it wasnt due to my performance or anything because he would have loved to have kept me. It came down to a business decision. In the NFL business usually wins. He came to me like a man and told me the situation and I respected him for that. Like I said, I just think it was time to move on and Im happy to be Chief. I am looking forward to the game come Sunday, if it is Sunday.

Q: Were you happy with your time in Miami?

SURTAIN: I was fortunate the Miami Dolphins organization gave me the opportunity to play seven long years there. I dont look back on it because I had a great time there, but I am a Chief now. I guess the way the league views it seven years is a pretty long time to stay with one team. I am very happy with it.

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Surtain is a True Pro... All the way around.. great Class

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I think I'm very happy about Surtain and Knight being in our defensive secondary.

10-19-2005, 06:14 PM
He definately fits the profile! :D Sammy Knight has been great so far.

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I like what I'm seeing out of this CB...

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Should've asked him when he's gonna update www.patricksurtain.net

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I like what I'm seeing out of this CB...

Sterling, is that you?

10-19-2005, 10:17 PM
Should've asked him when he's gonna update www.patricksurtain.net

its not his web sight

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