View Full Version : Creating a Poll 101

10-20-2005, 12:05 AM
How do you create a poll? It's just something I haven't tried yet. I like trying most things a least once.

Dr. Chief
10-20-2005, 12:10 AM
It's fairly self-explanatory. Look around the "New Thread" page and you'll figure it out.

10-20-2005, 12:11 AM
you need to get realy bored like rain man

search the net for a topic, pics make it better

then go for it :)

Fire Me Boy!
10-20-2005, 06:39 AM
I like trying most things a least once.




Rain Man
10-20-2005, 06:47 AM
It's pretty dangerous stuff. You shouldn't do it unless you've had a lot of training.

10-20-2005, 06:47 AM
There is an "add a poll" box on the bottom of the new thread page. Check that. Then, after you submit your post, the screen for poll options will come up.