View Full Version : Computer live feed offer

10-21-2005, 05:02 PM
I know this isn't going to help much tonight, but someone asked if anyone could do a live feed with the computer as long as they have a video capture card. If someone wants to let me know how to do it, I would be happy to do it in the future. I have a Pent 4 processor, big sound/vid card, and a vid capture card. I do a lot of DVD burning, so I know it all works. I have Media Center Edition, and am able to Tivo with the computer. I have a broadband connection (DSL) running at 512 K I think. If someone can walk me through it, and if it is possible with my machine, I would do the live feed idea. PM or e-mail and let me know whats up! Oh, and GO CHIEFS..................ROCK THE FINS HARD!!!!