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Color Red
10-22-2005, 12:08 AM
Observations of the Chiefs from a KC fan in Bronco country, half way through the second quarter of the season, and particularly related to the Broncos:

Our schedule matchup with Denver is critical because San Diego has a brutal schedule. Our schedule is "similar" to Denver's with AFC & NFC East matchups identical home and away. We took the advantage of the Miami matchups winning our game. The Buffalo road games will be interesting, as Denver plays them late in the season, when you don't like to go to Buffalo.

The Broncos have had their A game most of this season, despite some matters that have not panned out. Ashley Lelie continues to under-impress. But they've had far more success than failure. Shannahan is looking genius with his D line from the Browns..so far.

Their Jacksonville win turned heads for them, and the New England win too, even though it was at home.

If they win against the Giants this weekend, they'll really be putting the peddle to the floor. But they have a rough schedule coming up. We really need NY to bring them the Broncos back to earth.

Their loss at Miami made our win their tonight more meaningful, and of course, it can be a tie-breaker at the end of the season. I sure hope the best for the Eagles when Philly plays the Broncos. I still get frustrated when I think about that Eagle game at Arrowhead this year...

It'll be interesting to see what the last games of the season holds: we've got Cincinnati, Denver plays San Diego. Interesting to see who has what to play for. Again, I'm concerned with Denver because their schedule is similar to ours, and San Diego has what looks like a tougher one -- even though they got past New England in Foxboro. Let's just hope by the end of the season we have something to play for.

I'm not even listening to Denver area sports radio because they are mostly homers, and I'm sure the Broncos are going to the Super Bowl according to them. We need to see what the rigor of the season does to Jake Plummer...

Hammock Parties
10-22-2005, 12:30 AM
I'm fairly confident. They only have 4 home games left.

10-22-2005, 12:34 AM
Nice thread Red.

keg in kc
10-22-2005, 12:41 AM
We've already won 4 games, insuring that we'll be no worse than .500 through the tougher half of our schedule. We have 3 road games in the next 4 weeks, clearly a challenge, but then we get to finish the year hosting 4 of 6. That kind of schedule has "playoff push" written all over it. If we manage to get in, I think we're a legitimate threat. We're a tougher team than we have been in a long time, we can produce points a number of different ways on offense, and I think the defense will continue to improve.

As for Denver, they're a game up on us right now, but we have an equalizer left to play.

All-in-all, the division is still playing out just like I expected. Hoped. San Diego may (or may not) be the best team on paper, but I don't think they'll win it.