View Full Version : FFL Question to Darrell Jackson owners

Cave Johnson
10-22-2005, 03:17 PM
What are you doing with him... dropping or stashing for the last 6 or so games? Any news on exactly how long he's be out following surgery.

10-22-2005, 03:23 PM
I dropped him for JJ, I don't have time to wait

Cave Johnson
10-22-2005, 04:19 PM
I picked up JJ immediatley when Jackson & Engram went down.... left him on the bench for his big game and started him last week.

Mr. Krab
10-22-2005, 07:24 PM
I dropped him because even when he comes back in 5 games he might not be 100% ready to go.

10-22-2005, 07:42 PM
I still have him on the bench.
I'll use him when he comes back in anouther couple of weeks.

10-22-2005, 09:25 PM
I suppose it depends if your in a keeper league or not.

I didn't have Jackson but I immeditaly picked up JJ and am reaping the benefits. :)

Mr. BackseatModNuts
10-22-2005, 09:29 PM
I put DJack on injured reserve and am waiting patiently for him to continue his point scoring frenzy when he gets healthy. No more than a month I'd guess.

10-22-2005, 09:35 PM
I kept Jackson in the leagues that I have him in. If anyone drops him, I'll pick him up and stash him on my bench also.

Dr. Chief
10-22-2005, 10:33 PM
He's due back week 11 or 12 and too big a weapon to drop. Hopefully I make the playoffs, because he's a stud. I've missed his production.