View Full Version : AFC West matchups

10-24-2005, 08:48 AM
Pretty good weekend for the Chiefs. A win on the road, in Miami no less, while the Bronc's and Chargers drop road games against NFCE teams, common opponents, should help in the tie-breakers if they're needed at the end of the season.

To me, the Chiefs need to win all three of their home games against their divisional opponents and in NY against the Giants, week 15, then at least one of their road games with SD and Dallas to get an edge for the playoffs.

Two big weeks in the overall picture are coming up. Denver is hosting the Eagles this coming week. That could be huge for the Chiefs if they can win in SD Sunday and Denver can't handle McNabb and company. Let's hope the extra days to recover and practice pay off for them this week.

Then the following week the Chiefs get a rematch with the Raiders at home while the Bronco's are off and SD has to travel to the east coast again to play the Jets.