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Mr. Laz
10-26-2005, 12:45 PM
USA TODAY Sports Weekly NFL Power Rankings - Oct. 26

The Colts head into their bye week 7-0, with a unanimous hold on the top spot, while the 49ers and Texans begin to separate at the bottom of our poll.

RK Team------------- Pts last wk
1. Indianapolis Colts 224 1

Bye gives them extra week to prepare for New England.
2. Pittsburgh Steelers 202 T7
Win vs. Bengals keeps them atop the AFC North.

3. Atlanta Falcons 198 5
Big leads help solve problems with rush defense.

4. Denver Broncos 196 3
Need to close out games to become a complete team.

5. Philadelphia Eagles 193 6
Flat offense saved by usually hapless special teams.

6. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 185 4
Chris Simms gets easy first assignment vs. 49ers.

7. Cincinnati Bengals 177 2
Steelers thump chests, Bengals cower in fear.

8. Jacksonville Jaguars 173 T7
Need to maintain focus despite easy schedule.

9. New York Giants 171 13
Eli Manning delivered his most clutch performance yet.

10. Seattle Seahawks 170 12
Win vs. Dallas is kind of game they lost last year.

11. New England Patriots 157 T9
Tried to solve secondary, run game problems on off week.

12. Carolina Panthers 148 14
Jake Delhomme must protect the ball better.

13. San Diego Chargers 145 T9
LaDainian Tomlinson not used to missing end zone.

14. Kansas City Chiefs 142 15
Friday night scramble gives them extra rest this week.

15. Washington Redskins 137 16
Schedule turns ugly: Giants, Eagles, Buccaneers await.

16. Dallas Cowboys 125 11
Jose Cortez learns just how thin the ice really was.

17. St. Louis Rams 104 18
Ailing team won't be so fortunate vs. Jaguars this week.

18. Chicago Bears 100 20
Took just one TD to stay atop ugly NFC North.

19. Buffalo Bills 96 17
Patriots might "get right" against Bills' leaky run defense.

20. Detroit Lions 82 23
Jeff Garcia's win doesn't bode well for Joey Harrington.

21. Miami Dolphins 81 19
Gus Frerotte, Sage Rosenfels: What a choice.

22. New York Jets 77 21
Vinny Testaverde might have wished he stayed on couch.

23. Oakland Randy Moss and the Raiderz 75 27
See what happens when LaMont Jordan gets the ball?

24. Baltimore Ravens 72 22
No signs of life on offense, outside of Matt Stover.

25. Cleveland Browns 47 24
Offense truly playing down to its potential now.

26. New Orleans Saints 46 25
Nomadic team could find a home somewhere else.

T27. Arizona Cardinals 41 30
Scoring on turnovers is a positive sign.

T27. Minnesota Vikings 41 29
Paul Edinger throws them a life preserver.

29. Tennessee Titans 39 26
Billy Volek does a terrible Steve McNair impression.

30. Green Bay Packers 29 28
Just when you thought the injuries couldn't get worse ...

31. San Francisco 49ers 15 31
Losing by an average of more than 20 points.

32. Houston Texans 8 32
The first winless team since '76 Buccaneers?
Voting on a 32-31-30-etc. basis. First-place votes in parentheses.
Compiled by Kathy Buzzell and Penny Brown, USA TODAY Sports Weekly