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11-03-2005, 10:23 PM
OK, I am not a computer newbie. I built and overclocked the last 2 computers I've had myself, along with a couple more sensible computers for family members using parts from the internet, so I generally know what I am doing.

However, no one knows everything, especially since I havent been closely following computer trends untill recently. (Trying to catch up now on all the reviews and industry info). So, here's what I'm thinking, ideas/comments/suggestions welcome.

Aside from the usual internet garbage that everyone wastes their time with, I do play 3D games, encode/author DVD's, and I ALWAYS multi-task. I'm very bad at punishing my system by having several programs up and running at once, so I need something that wont die and error out when I do that. I even bought a huge 21" monitor just so I could use 1600x1200 and have two browsers open.

I have always used intel in the past, but reading the reviews, I am thinking it is time for AMD because I am strongly considering a dual-core system, maybe one of those new (and pricey, ouch!) AMD 64 X2's.

I'm not going to order parts for at least a month or so, but the first thing I need to do is decide on the system architecture and look at mobo/CPU prices to get an idea of how much money I'll need to save up. Other stuff like memory and video cards are not important yet since they are largely interchangable with many systems, but these first 1 or 2 decisions have the biggest impact on whether your computer will be any good or suck.

Thoughts? Spot a potential mistake? Devoted followers of Intel want to pitch an alternate chip?

11-04-2005, 10:20 AM
Intel has dual core now...

Also, I thought the same thing with memory, but you'll want to look depending on how old your computer is. Most new MOBO's use DDR2, some do have slots for DDR and DDR2, but most are just DDR2.

DDR2 isn't too bad though, I just bought a gig (2 512's) for about 70 bucks.

I just ordered all my stuff for my new system and it should be arriving today. I went Intel, despite the overwhelming response from the board to go with AMD.

I've used Intel forever and have always been happy with them. Maybe my next system will be AMD, but I just wasn't ready to drink the kool-aid.

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