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11-04-2005, 05:03 PM
Q: Coach Vermeil said yesterday he wanted to talk to you when you came back today about your frame of mind in light of your father’s death. How are you feeling about playing?

TRENT GREEN: “I think it’s important to play. Number one, I think that’s what my dad would want me to do. Just like last week, he would have wanted me to play. I think it would be good for my family to try to get back some normalcy and, hopefully, provide a little bit of an escape while the game’s going on – give them something else to think about. And, I don’t want to let all the guys down that are in the locker room – all the coaches and the team in general. I feel like I’ll be ready to play.

“I was cramming last night to get prepared as much as possible and came out here and felt like my timing was fine and my understanding of our game plan this week was good. I’ll continue to do more of that today and tomorrow.

“My preparation will be a lot different this week than a normal week. Usually I’m winding down by this time and kind of clearing my head on what I’m going to do in certain situations. I’ll do a little bit more fine tuning these next couple of days.”

Q: Is the mental preparation more difficult than the physical at this point?

GREEN: “Not as much just because I’ve been in the offense so long. Just from losing train of thought every now and then and drifting away to think of other things…that’s probably the hardest part for the mental. But I think being around the guys and being around the practice field…last week I was concentrating so hard not be fall into lapses. It was hard not to. It’s just great having the support system here on the team. I’m very fortunate to have a lot of close friends on this team and in the organization who have supported me through this. They’ve made it easier.”

Q: Does it help you’ve played Oakland already this year?

GREEN: “They’re quite a bit different because of the injuries they have and when you look at what they were doing defensively going into our first game they’ve changed quite a bit because of those injuries. They have so many young guys out there. They’ve changed. That’s good and bad. The good is that they’re young enough that they’re just going to fly all over and look to make plays. The good maybe from our standpoint is maybe we can get them out of position because they’re new to it and because of our shifting and moving maybe we can create some chaos in their minds.

“There is some familiarity. Same defensive coordinator. A lot of the front seven is the same.”

Q: Was it a tougher decision to play this week?

GREEN: “No, I don’t ever think there was any doubt in my mind that I would play. I think just the fact that it was so sudden there was no real preparation for this and there were a lot of things that needed to be done: the service being on Wednesday there were still a lot of unanswered questions I had to take care of for my mom, for my brother and sister. There are a lot of family decisions that need to be made that none of us had prepared for because it was so unexpected. That’s why I told coach initially that I would be out of St. Louis by 8 o’clock and be here in time for practice. As we woke up in the morning and started to ask questions and figure out a game plan over these next couple of weeks I gave Mike White a call and said could you relay it that it was 11 o’clock and I hadn’t even gotten on the road yet. I relayed to them that this is the time frame I was going to be home, and if they could have one of the quarterbacks drop off all the DVDs so I could watch practice, and watch the reps we had put in, so I could see all the adjustments we had put in for Red Zone and third down, any sort of blitz packages and two-minute packages, those kinds of things. By the time I got home all that stuff was there, so last night it was like cramming for a test. I was up for hours studying and preparing and I felt good about it today.”

Q: You go into the Oakland game perhaps without Priest Holmes and Willie Roaf. What’s your comfort level right now?

GREEN: “I didn’t know all this was going on to be completely honest with you. I was focused on other things and after all the stuff had been dropped off at the house I called Damon (Huard) to find out some things I needed to be aware of. That’s when he filled me in. Obviously, there’s concern. You’re talking about two pro bowl caliber players and losing both of them is a big loss. But the game’s not changing. It’s still going to be Sunday at 12 (o’clock) and we’ve got to be ready to go. The guys that are filling in for them are guys who have played and have experience. It’s not all of a sudden their first start. They’ll be ready to go.”

Q: Does knowing your dad wanted you to play give you strength and support?

GREEN: “It definitely does. He took a great deal of pride in watching me play from little league on up. We had a great relationship and the hard part is knowing he’s not going to be in the stands because he never missed. In my five years here in Kansas City he never missed a home game. That’s going to be the hard part. All those people who got in line before eight o’clock to tailgate, well, my parents were some of those people. That’s going to be hardest part for me, but once the game gets going I think I’ll be OK. It’ll just be the whole leading up to it knowing I could give him a call on my way into the stadium and knowing what (he and my mother) were doing, those sorts of things.”

Q: Does knowing this is your job put everything in perspective for you?

GREEN: “I’ve always thought of it that way. I learned that early in the league the first time I was cut, the second time I was cut. If you don’t realize right away that it’s a job you’re going to set yourself up. Unfortunately, you see young guys all the time setting themselves up thinking they’re back in college and have a redshirt year, you can kind of goof off. Next thing you know they’re back on the street. You definitely have to think of it as a job and I do.

“The hard part of it is it’s a public job. So, if I was in a different profession and I’d lost my father there wouldn’t be the same type of attention to it. But because there are so many people who rely on me and the support this city gives the team and have given me, I feel a responsibility. Because it is my job I’ll be prepared and ready to go.”

Q: You’ve received an outpouring from your teammates but have you heard from the fans?

GREEN: “Yeah, lots of phone calls from players around the league. Emails, flowers and cards. I was talking to the people who take care of our mail today and they said I’m going to have my hands filled opening all the cards. Like I said the other day, everybody has been so supportive: players, coaches, the administration. A number of the front office came over the services, some of the coaches’ wives, and a number of the players said they had wished they could go. There was great support including many players and coaches around the league that I have played with previously. It’s really overwhelming and I’m so appreciative, but even more so my mom’s so appreciative of that support and people knowing the relationship I had with my dad and the type of guy he was, not just with me but with my brother and sister and the family we were.”

Q: What about memorial donations?

GREEN: “It’s going to be for my foundation. My mom asked me initially and at first I was a bit apprehensive because I didn’t want people to get the wrong idea. She said, ‘if your dad was alive and there was one foundation he would want to support it would be your foundation.’ So, if people want to they can make a donation to the Trent Green Family Foundation. When everything is all collected what I’m going to do is make a separate donation on his behalf. That will be a decision that my brother and I and my sister and my mom make. That was one of the things we talked about yesterday.”

Q: How’s your mom doing?

GREEN: “The first few days obviously were so shocking. What we tried to do was keep her as busy as possible and try and put some plans in place for her over the next couple of weeks. It’s going to take a long time. For over 30 years this was her best friend. I just can’t imagine what she’s going through. I know my wife’s my best friend. For that part of your life not to be there is extremely difficult for her, and it’s difficult for my brother and sister and I to see her that way. That’s why we’re trying to help her the best we can. We know there’s going to be up and down days.”

11-04-2005, 05:45 PM
As usual, Trent is all Class. Tough times.

11-04-2005, 06:38 PM
As usual, Trent is all Class. Tough times.

Yes he is.

Could the questions that were asked be any stupider? Maybe he should have asked, "do you miss your father?" Reporters are asshats.

11-04-2005, 07:47 PM
god.. those questions.
They just want the story, were looking for some tears or something probably. idiots.

11-04-2005, 08:25 PM
I think the press is definitely in a tough position, because they think the public wants to know how he/they feel. But most people know exactly how they feel as most have been through something like that..

11-04-2005, 09:16 PM
As usual, Trent is all Class. Tough times.


11-05-2005, 12:13 AM
So sad. :( God bless the Green family.