View Full Version : An FFL Quandry: Opinions appreciated

11-05-2005, 10:32 AM
My QB's are Brunell and Green. The rest of my lineup is pretty solid. I am currently 4-4 in my league, and can't afford any more losses. I lost to an 0-7 team last week. My opponent this week is 2-6. His team is pretty bad, but so was the guy's last week.

My lineup:
QB: Brunell/Green
RB: E. James
RB: T. Barber
WR: S. Moss
WR: T. Houshmandzadeh
TE: T. Heap
K: J. Feeley
D/ST: Chicago

Green could come out and be emotionally inspired versus a horrible D backfield. Gonzo is coming back to form. Priest is out and LJ is streaky. If he's not on, we'll throw a lot. If he's on we won't. The other concern is that Roaf is out. Oakland has no pass rush either way, but this still bothers me. We played pretty poorly without Big Willie before. In addition, Trent doesn't strike me as the type to come out and impose his will a la Brett Favre.

Brunell was pathetic last week against a charged up Giants D. Philly ought to be out to prove it's worth this week in a huge divisional game. That being said, they still gave up tons in teh passing game to Plummer last week and they have a pretty poorly ranked pass d (25th I believe which is worse than Oakland by the numbers). I have Santana Moss as well, so double dipping is a temptation that has vaulted me to 3rd in my 12 team league in points for.

Opinions? Am I overthinking? My lean is toward Green, but things are tight in my league, and I just need to make the right decision the next few weeks, not the emotional one.