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Mr. BackseatModNuts
11-05-2005, 03:43 PM
If this is a repost sorry. McCleon is doubtful for tommorrows game.


Nov 04, 2005, 2:27:32 PM


Q: Can you tell us a little bit about Willie Roaf?

D. VERMEIL: Willie Roaf was in an auto accident this morning. Not injured. The car was injured and has been put on IR for the year the car that is. Hes home. Hes fine. Hes been checked out by the doctor. It shook him up.

Q: Will he be able to play on Sunday?

VERMEIL: I dont know yet. It has nothing to do with auto accident. It has everything to do with the hamstring.

Q: Priest Holmes is still not back yet.

VERMEIL: Hes on his way back.

Q: Have you got the report from the doctor?

VERMEIL: I havent but Carl (Peterson) and other people have talked to him. Its doubtful.

Q: Trent Green was back today and you said you wanted to talk to him about how he felt before saying hed play. Hows he checking out?

VERMEIL: Hes great. He wants to play. I trust him because I know how unselfish he is and if he didnt think he could step in and run our game plan then he would tell me. As you saw on the practice field today, hes very sharp and he knows what hes doing. Hes been in the offense for a long time and we dont change that much, although people think we do. We change the formations and movements and schemes but the core of the offense is the core of the offense and no one executes it any better than he does. His arm was fresh and alive today and he threw the ball accurately so well go with Trent Green.

Q: What about Patrick Surtain?

VERMEIL: Hes still questionable. Itll probably be a pre-game warmup type thing like last week with John Browning. When we warm him up and he feels good then hell play.

Q: What about McCleon?

VERMEIL: I think hes doubtful.

In other news, Willie Roaf had his car put on IR for the rest of the year. :rolleyes:

Rain Man
11-05-2005, 03:47 PM
Todd Collins will remember these past three days for the rest of his life.

11-05-2005, 05:06 PM
Jerome Woods and Dexter McCleon on the sideline in street clothes= :clap: