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Wow, what an incredible guy

Kansas City Chiefs vs. Oakland Raiders
Sunday, November 6, 2005
Postgame Quotes
QB Trent Green

On Vermeil’s decision to run the ball instead of kicking the field goal: “He was kind of asking questions of everybody to see what everybody thought and everybody’s attitude. I know my two-cents was to go for it. I don’t know what everybody else was saying. I know as an offensive group we wanted to go for it. Those are all the decisions they make on the headsets, but no matter how that play ended up, that is where you have to send a message as a football team. I think that was great on his part to have the confidence in us. Obviously it’s important we were able to finish it off. I think you make that decision every time. Ultimately I am glad he made that decision. Now it’s different if you’re on the two or the three-yard line, but the fact we were inside the one, I think you go for it every time.“

On the offense’s mindset during the last drive: “After they scored, we knew we had two timeouts and I talked to Lawrence [Tynes] before I went out onto the field. He had told me we needed to get to the 37-yard line or the 35-yard line because those were the areas he felt [most] comfortable during pre-game warm-ups, [especially] with the direction of the wind. You just try making plays and getting the ball, and because of the timeouts you are able to throw the ball in the middle of the field. If you don’t have the timeouts and you’re stuck throwing to the boundary it makes it a lot harder. Then on that final completion to Larry [Johnson], it looked to me like they were in a two-man coverage. I don’t know if the guy covering Larry got confused because we had a crossing route underneath. I was looking for the crossing route because that would have picked us up another five to seven yards. But when that guy came through the crossing route and Larry popped open, maybe that drew the attention of the linebacker covering him. I just can’t say enough about the way everybody played. The defense played well throughout the game. Offensively, in the fourth quarter and second half we played well.“

On where this game ranks in his career, in terms of bizarre ending: “As far as bizarre, I don’t know just because we were in field-goal range. The fact that the Raiders used up about five minutes in that final drive to score. . . they just kept converting third downs and those sorts of things and that was frustrating. But the fact we got the ball back with two timeouts to go, we felt good about our chances of getting into field-goal range when Larry was able to convert that check down. It means a lot because of the emotions I have been going through the last 11 days. The emotion my family has been through and just the support I have gotten from everybody around town, the organization and players – it has really been an overwhelming 11 days. Emotions kind of take over in that situation so from an emotional standpoint this was probably as draining as any game I have been apart of.“

On his emotions, considering his dad wouldn’t be here but his mom was: “It ended up it wasn’t something that they all felt comfortable with and I completely understand. I supported it 100 percent. My brother and sister and their spouses and my mom just became too emotional. He’s never missed a game in Arrowhead, no matter if I was with the Redskins or the Rams or whoever. Anytime I played in Arrowhead he has been here and the fact that they have had the same season tickets now for five years and the same seats, it was just hard. They have gotten to know a lot of the people that sit around them and that would have just been very difficult for them. They just weren’t ready for it and I completely supported that. They felt bad because they felt like they weren’t there to support me and I said, ‘By no means; I understand what you are going through.’ They all watched it together and I am sure they are crying and happy. Before the game, I actually wanted to make sure that nobody sat in his seat, just because I know if the seats are left open people move down and get in there. I had gotten to the stadium a little bit early and put a little sign as a tribute on the seat and kind of taped the seat so nobody would sit on it. Hopefully the message got across. Somebody could always rip the tape and sit down but security saw me doing it and they said, ‘We will keep an eye on it and make sure.’ I said, ‘You know people sit in the other seats; that is fine, but just that one seat.’ It really meant a lot.“

What did the sign say? “It just said my dad’s name and that we miss him and love him and I just kind of taped it off so that everybody would understand. Security said they would give me an update but I think they kept up and did a pretty good job. Like I said, [my parents] have gotten to know a lot of the people around them so I am sure the people were a little defensive when they saw that.“

On getting here unusually early: “I got here earlier than I normally did because I wanted to go up there and get that done and not make sure there weren’t too many people around.“

Did you ever sneak a peak to look at the seat? “I did during warm-ups just to make sure. I am debating if I am going to tell you the seat. It’s in the family section so it’s down toward that end of the bench: behind our bench, down towards the end zone, where we scored last. Maybe it’s right around the 30-yard line. My wife and boys sit in the same seats every time, and I knew my mom, brother and sister and her families weren’t there, but my boys and my wife were. I can’t say enough; it was just very emotional I wanted to make eye contact with them and share that with them.”

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I'm sure his dad was there in spirit.

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I heard about that. Cool deal.

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It was a pretty emotional game for trent.

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Wel, I guess my ****ing allergies must have just kicked in, or I got something in my eyes...