View Full Version : SWEET watching the victory in Faux-Raiderland

11-07-2005, 02:03 AM
I'm from Los Angeles. Always have been.
Never really grew up watching football, but started watching in '93 when Montana was with the Chiefs. After watching them upset (I think it was the Oilers) to go to the post-season, I decided to make them my team.
Now, we out in LA-LA land haven't had a team since back then. But no way am I going to root for the Traiders, and the ScRams never thrilled me.
It's been Chiefs all the way, and I'm proud of it.
So, it was with great pleasure that I walked into the local Satellite sports bar to watch today's game amid a hundred or so hold-out L.A. "Traider" fans.
I had to put up with their heinous "RAAAAAIIIIIII-ders!" chant every time they got a frickin' 1st down.
But the silence and the following black wave exodus that accompanied the LJ touchdown at the end was golden.

I'll savor it forever.

I knew our guys would come around eventually. But man, what a frickin' nail-biter.

11-07-2005, 02:11 AM
I have been a season ticket holder for 12 years, seen a lot of comebacks, long field goals, overtime win, but todays got to rank as one of the craziest.

I think the stadium was a little awestruck when they decided to go for it, you could hear everyone talking about it, but it wasnt that loud until LJ punched it in, and it the stadium went wild.