View Full Version : Feast or Famine? I say FEAST!!

11-07-2005, 01:08 PM
I am a very happy man, once again.

Yesterday was one of those days where I just knew things would turn out right, and (mostly) they did. When the game was a field goal battle, even with the Chiefs down by 3... I knew they'd pull it out. I loved the way the commentators kept highlighting the fact that the Chiefs had pulled out the last five close call games against the Faders, and I'm happy that next time it will read "last six games". The "D" held up their end of the bargain, though I new Moss would eventually get his TD... and when L.J. took off down to the 1 yard line in the waning seconds, I had no doubt that Vermeil would call the run play and the Chiefs would win again. I and everyone else ('cept the Raiders fans) was standing and yelling for it at the Sportsbar. True Bliss.

Of course, I also loved to see Nate Burleson's circus catch in the Vikings' win over Detroit. The myth that they have no capable receivers since Moss was ushered out was dispelled again in my book, and I am very happy that Brad Johnson is back at QB. Culpepper was looking really timid this year, and waaaaaay too sack prone due to his holding the ball toooooooo long.

Both teams won and I am a happy camper. Still, the Chiefs had a much more interesting game and a harder win... so I'll be wearing red all this week for sure. Too bad the Bears and Chargers won again, but maybe we can overtake the Boltz next week since they have a bye coming up. They'll hit the wall the following week if we don't injure the Bills too badly (see my other post).
Go Chiefs!!