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11-07-2005, 02:15 PM
Published Sunday, November 6, 2005

Caywood: Is end of streak beginning for KU?

By Kurt Caywood
The Capital-Journal

LAWRENCE -- OK, what's next?

Not to downplay what happened Saturday at Memorial Stadium. People who today are grandparents were necking and drag-racing and sneaking cans of beer the last time it happened.

Kansas coach Mark Mangino was a skinny -- well, skinnier, he said -- junior-high kid with a full head of curly hair the last time it happened.

"If somebody had told me I would be involved with a team that had such an impact on a university's football program," Mangino said, "I wouldn't have believed it."

One of life's certainties ceased on Saturday. A way of life changed.

To Kansas football, it was the toppling of the Berlin Wall.

Kurt Caywood
Man had not yet walked on the moon the last time Kansas beat Nebraska, and on Saturday the Jayhawks walked on the Cornhuskers.

So, what's next.

"It's a great win today," Mangino said. "I hate to say it ... but (breaking) that streak is only good until next week."

It was good enough that, as he did two years ago after beating Missouri, Mangino brought his team out of the locker room to have their picture taken beneath the scoreboard, which glowed the final: KU 40, NU 15.

It was good enough that fans went for the goal posts for a second straight week, this time deservedly.

And it was, in fact, even better than that.

The Jayhawks were the better team from start to finish. They showed it by taking a 17-2 lead, and they showed it again after Nebraska capitalized on a couple of mistakes to pull within two by quickly and certainly re-establishing control.

They showed it by scoring in six different ways, by holding NU to a measly 138 yards and by more than tripling that with their own recently maligned offense.

Chris Landsberger/The Capital-Journal
Nick Reid (7) and the Jayhawks are one win from qualifying for a bowl.
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"Somebody can't say we won ugly or we eked one out and finally got the streak ended," Mangino said. "We came to play today and played well. We deserved to win."

Now this win, this team and this program deserve to be considered from the proper perspective.

Kansas is the last of the old Big Eight also-rans to catch Nebraska, but it finally has done it. Mangino's team ended the endless streak just as last year it broke Kansas State's cycle of dominance. It has beaten Missouri three years in a row.

So, what's next?

What's next is the chance to prove it.

The Jayhawks have made progress, but how much? They fluked their way into a bowl game in 2003, but this is the 10th anniversary of their last winning record.

One victory in the last two games means a bowl game. A bowl game means progress. A win against Nebraska, as sweet as it was, means less if they fall short.

"When you beat a team like this, sure, it feels good when it happens," senior linebacker Banks Floodman said. "But if we're not in postseason play, we're not happy. Period."

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