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11-13-2005, 10:29 AM

-- Raiders owner Al Davis is furious over the officiating in Sunday's 27-23, last-second loss to the Chiefs in Kansas City. For the third straight year, the Raiders drew referee Larry Nemmers' crew for the road trip to KC. And for the third straight year, Nemmers' crew played a role in the outcome. The Raiders have lost all three games, by eight total points. The Chiefs' game-winning drive Sunday was helped along by a tripping penalty on Raiders defensive tackle Ed Jasper that negated a sack of Trent Green. The penalty gave the Chiefs a first down at midfield with 27 seconds left. Three plays later, running back Larry Johnson scored on a 1-yard dive with no time left. Sources close to Davis say he doesn't understand why the league allows Nemmers, who is from Springfield, Mo., to work so many Chiefs games. NFL spokesman Greg Aiello said it's strictly a coincidence that Nemmers and his crew have worked the last three Raiders games in KC. He said crew assignments are selected randomly by a computer and don't take into account where the officials live. He also said crews are not allowed to work more than two of a team's games per season. And those games must be at least 6 weeks apart. Nemmers and his crew also worked the Raiders' 23-20, Week 3 loss to the Eagles. Davis, sources say, blames them for that defeat as well. In that game, a roughing-the-passer penalty on linebacker DeLawrence Grant kept alive a drive that resulted in the Eagles' go-ahead touchdown. Safety Nnamdi Asomugha also was called for illegal contact on the Eagles' game-winning drive.

-- Chiefs coach Dick Vermeil has been roundly praised for his gutsy decision to go for it from the 1 with 5 seconds left Sunday against the Raiders rather than kick a gimme field goal and send the game into overtime. He acutally was the only one on the sideline who didn't want to go for it. He was inclined to kick the field goal before offensive coordinator Al Saunders talked him into going for the game-winning touchdown.


11-13-2005, 10:34 AM
Poor Al. Yeah, right, whatever!!!! LOL Let us not forget the "roughing the passer" penalty on JA. Gimme a break. They called it crappy on both sides last week. Leave it to Al to say they only picked on his team.