View Full Version : I think it was windy in that Chicago-San Francisco game today.

Rain Man
11-13-2005, 04:42 PM
I was at a sports bar, and the SF-CHI game was right next to the Chiefs TV. On the long TD return, the field goal attempt started out wide left and the Bear caught it to the right of the goalpost. But on another kick, it was astounding. The SF kicker punched it way, way left, and the kick ended up wide right, and it wasn't even close. I've never seen a ball arc that much. It was amazing.

On another note, the Bears' blocking on that long FG return was among the best I've ever seen. On the replays, watch Urlacher slow down to protect, and then blow past the returner to take out the last guy. That guy had a better protective escort that a fuel truck in Iraq.