View Full Version : Stats (week 10)

el borracho
11-14-2005, 02:17 AM
So far the Chiefs are ranked:

#28 Yards allowed per game (355.1)
#8 Run defense (94.6 ypg)
#31 Pass defense (260.6 ypg)
#22 Points allowed per game

#7 Offensive yards per game (357.0)
#7 Rush Offense (128.9 ypg)
#11 Pass Offense (228.1 ypg)
#8 Points scored per game (24.5)

Ok, we know that pass defense is the biggest defensive problem. What is the biggest offensive problem? Turnovers? Red zone offense? Penalties? Other?

(and once you geniuses have answered the above question perhaps you can tell me how the Chiefs can solve the problem)