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Mile High Mania
10-03-2000, 07:36 AM
If I hear any of you talk about how much more dominant KC is than Denver, I'll have to laugh just a little bit.

Don't get me wrong - it really was a pretty good game. I thought Elvis played well and Alexander looked great. It looked as if Morris was on the verge of breaking out last night, but it just didn't happen. He's a keeper!

As for Seattle ... I really like Alexander! He's a stud. That's probably the best thing that could happen to Watters. He was average until Alexander stepped in and rocked. Then, Watters cranked it up.

Here is what would make me chuckle - KC didn't dominate them like many of you thought they would. Trust me, I'm a fan of the 4th quarter comebacks, so major props to Grbac!

As for KC as a whole, yes they're 3-2, but the running game is weak and the rushing defense looked pretty weak last night as well.

Kitna just sucks. Yes, KC has a nice secondary and the DL pressured him all night, but that guy just sucks.

Right now, if I had to rank the teams in the AFC West, it would go like this...

Oakland, KC, Denver, Seattle and San Diego.

KC has definitely rolled out of their 0-2 funk, but they have rushing issues on both offense and defense. Denver is stalling at the moment, but I feel this schedule will help them get back on track.

I need more coffee ... this thread sorta rambles in and out of thoughts. Oh well, you get the point. I'm expecting to hear a lot of "KC is poised for the division crown and Denver sucks!" KC looks good right now, but they have several issues to address before they should worry about hoisting the divisional crown above their heads. That's all...

Good game, though.

10-03-2000, 07:40 AM
Nah, were done talking about how Denver sucks... for now http://www.ChiefsPlanet.com/ubb/biggrin.gif

Thanks for the congrats, and we'll allow you to reevaluate your team rankings after we play the Raiders.

being nice to poor misguided souls...

Mile High Mania
10-03-2000, 07:42 AM
No problem... looking at my rankings, I realize that's exactly how the standings are, but I think the teams are all pretty even with exceptions to San Diego and even Seattle.

I would give Oakland a B+, KC a B- and Denver a C+ for the first 5 weeks. Seattle gets a C- and San Diego took an incomplete for failing to show up to class.

10-03-2000, 07:47 AM
Bottom line is that good teams find a way to win. Often times they find a way to win even when they are outplayed, just like the Colts did this weekend in Buff. Mile High, you know what I am talking about cause you guys USE to be a good team not so long ago. Every team has their games where they play so great that nobody can beat them and they have their bad games where anyone can beat them. But finding a way to win on your average games is what separates the division champs from the division chumps.

Mile High Mania
10-03-2000, 08:10 AM
JL80 ... I agree with that statement. That's why I give KC the edge right now.

Granted, I can't come out and just give your team 100% props and 0% smack. It just wouldn't be right. But, I don't think I was saying anything that isn't true.

Finding a way to win is definitely what seperates winning teams from losing teams. Denver has had 2 chances to find a way to win in recent weeks and they failed. 11 more games to go, so we'll see how it shakes out.

10-03-2000, 09:04 AM
DENVER SUCKS!!! Just kidding http://www.ChiefsPlanet.com/ubb/smile.gif

Desert Chief
10-03-2000, 09:31 AM
Pile High --

For being a bumco fan you are sure gregarious with your chief opinions. Are you sure you're not a closet WolfPack member ? It's ok to come out of the closet guy...the first step is a doozy.

Just curious, but what's your take/explanation/excuse for Denver's loss to the Pats at Pile High ?

Mile High Mania
10-03-2000, 10:00 AM
This question comes up a lot ... "No", I don't wear any red and gold during any NFL games. Sorry, we're not on the same side.

However, I will say that fantasy football has placed me in the position to like and cheer for non-Bronco players ... ie- Grbac and Gonzo.

When I first arrived at the KCSTAR BB, I was an a$$ kinda like some of the Broncos' fans around here. Over the course of the last 3 years - really, ever since Denver won their first SB and the monkey was off Elway's back, I became more at peace with the NFL world.

So, no, my allegiance to the Broncos is unwavering (is that a word) and I would never cheer against them. I will never cheer *for* another AFC West team, but that doesn't mean that I have to hate the other teams.

I really only hate 1 team ... Cowboys. That will never change. Raiders and Chiefs are fun teams to root against. Chiefs' fans that I know personally and that I've talked with on this BB are good folks and fun to talk to about the NFL.

Ok, I hope that clears up any questions regarding my fandom. http://www.ChiefsPlanet.com/ubb/biggrin.gif<BR>

10-03-2000, 10:45 AM
Mile High
As long as there are more teams behind us, especially the Donx, than ahead of us that's just fine. The Chiefs just have to keep climbing up the AFC West ladder one game at a time and keep improving along the way. They must also beat every AFC West team at home and try to sweep at least 2 division rivals to make up for the scheduling advantage that both the Raidas and Donx have over them. So far, so good. Next up - The RAIDAS!

BTW, the Chiefs kind of remind you of the Donx before T.D. arrived. All those years, the Donx were not really that good, but good enough to win the West with some breaks along the way. Many 4th quarter come backs could easily have been losses. Maybe we just need a legit RB to get over the hump. *grin*

Mark M
10-03-2000, 11:26 AM

An intelligent and congratulatory post from a Donkey fan? Very impressive, MileHigh! Actually, you hit everything on the head...the run on both sides needs help, lots of help.

As far as Oakland being in first, they have one good win over the Colts, and that's about it. They only scored 9 (I think) on the Dolts--er--Bolts, and KC D is twice as good as San Diego's...got a feeling your standing will change in two weeks.

What DID happen to your team against the Pats?

Also, I think you and many other KC fans have more in common than you and we think...Dallas could lose every game throughout eternity and I'd be a very, very happy man.

Mark M
--Working on that Regular thing

(Actually gotta go...check in later)