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KC Jones
10-03-2000, 01:37 PM
I noticed in some posts people are suspect of our run defense, and rightly so. Now, I do think we did a good job against Eddie George and Edgerrin James until late in those games. However, in the last two weeks we've seen teams be fairly effective running the ball earlier in the game, especially up the middle. Why is this and what can we do?

I think this weakness lies in our scheme, but I'm not sure I'd change it. We play our D-line very aggressively. Other teams teach their D-linemen to read and react, or hold their position and then try to make the play as part of a run defense. We stress penetration above all else. Simply put, get in the backfield and make something big happen. The results can be great, but there is a downside. We let O-linemen get clean releases and consequently they can do a better job sealing off the LBs on the run play. Also, a good cutback RB can sometimes find a seam where our aggressive D-line has pushed into the backfield. This also makes us succeptible to screens and misdirection plays as we've all witnessed.

I say stick with the aggressive approach, too many big things happen when we get into the backfield regardless of all the 4-8 yard gains on the ground.

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10-03-2000, 01:48 PM
I'm w/ you, EJJ. Shore up run D or continue to pressure the QB & force turnovers.

I'll take the latter if I have to make a choice.

chief mohawk
10-03-2000, 01:51 PM
Good point kc jones, i think that your are right about it being the scheme that the d is playing and i would not change it either! KC seems to stop the other teams when they need to and we need to keep getting the turn overs. http://www.ChiefsPlanet.com/ubb/biggrin.gif