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10-03-2000, 09:13 PM
any more on corey dillon????

i know this is wishful thinking but after last night i am totally convinced that a real threat at running back will make the chiefs very very good.

did i mention id been drinkin???

10-03-2000, 10:07 PM
Yeah, I heard he STILL plays for the Natti!

One Arrowhead Dave
10-03-2000, 10:35 PM
Dillon stays w/ the bungles this season, IMO.


10-04-2000, 07:35 AM
Just for the sake of argument, let's assume that the rumors about Dillon are true, that the Bungles are ready to trade him. So the Chiefs then go out and make a trade for him. What happens when he gets into KC's backfield? Do the Chiefs finally kill the SitCom? If they do, does the offense revert back to the same old gameplan that we have seen prior to the last 3 weeks? Dillon is obviously an upgrade from anything we now have, and I'd like to see him in Red and Gold, but whatever happens, the Chiefs need to remember that they now have some weapons in the passing game. Kill the SitCom, but keep the divirsity in the offense.


Red Eyes
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The SitCom must die!!

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10-04-2000, 08:37 AM
I think Gunther pretty much admited that he is going to give Elvis the respect he deserves. I really think we would be a SERIOUS contender if we had a dangerous running game to compliment our 3 hot recievers. Believe me, Gunther wouldn't f#@$ this up, and even the RAMS would be humbled. Gunther is not that stupid. The problem in the past is he didn't have faith in Elvis. Elvis has MORE than proven himself.

10-04-2000, 08:47 AM
Anti Dillonite here, not before this season, not now, not next year. With this new offense, our backs are fine. I have more of a tendency to agree with Milkman, Dillon reverts us to more 3 and outs, and he is not having a pro bowl year either. Another reason, we are winning as a team, we don't need a me first running back, with its ensuing turmoil in the locker room.

10-04-2000, 09:03 AM
I am not anti-Dillon. I don't believe the rumors, and I thik that Dillon will be a Bungle for the duration of this season. But, should the rumors be true, I would be happy to see the Chiefs make adeal for him. I just don't want to see the Chiefs forget the aerial attack.
With regards to Dillon quittng, with the effort the Bungles gave against the 'Phins this past week, it's looks like that whole team quit on Coslet, and it's very possible that is what had Dillon "quitting"against the Ravens. He has pride, added to the fact that this is his FA year, time to showcase his talent, and his team is making any blocks, or real effort. I don't blame him for his frustration and anger. Miami hasa good defense. I've watched part of every Bungle game this season, and the Miami game is the first that they, as a team, came out to play.


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[b]The SitCom must die!!</B>

10-04-2000, 10:40 AM
I still am amazed every time I hear arguments against Dillon coming to KC. Fact is, he's better than most RB's in the league and he's much better than any HB currently on the roster. The Chiefs would not have to change much and they certainly would NOT revert back to the old style just because Dillon would be on board. Those days are over. Dillon could possibly even bring more to the table because you can do more with a back of his caliber. He would keep things really honest. And wouldn't you love to see him line up behind T.R.???