View Full Version : Q&A WITH COACH VERMEIL 11-30

11-30-2005, 06:42 PM
Q: How did Ryan Sims look today?

D. VERMEIL: “Ryan Sims looked good. We kept him out of our normal practice and worked him with pads. He did some hard work with two young offensive linemen and he looked good. He’ll do the same again tomorrow and then we’ll make a decision probably on Saturday whether he’ll be active on Sunday.”

Q: What’s your gut say? Were you impressed today?

VERMEIL: “I was impressed. Boy, does he want to play, so bad he can taste it. So, sometimes when they’re like that the passion to play covers up a little pain. I didn’t see him favoring the foot in any way and it’s a tribute to the effort he’s made and our medical staff and trainers to get him this far along with that kind of injury. I’m optimistic.”

Q: If he plays obviously it would be a matter of bringing him in slowly.

VERMEIL: “Right, if he plays it would probably be a 20-snap type of thing through the ball game. But he’s a good enough football player to be a difference maker. It would be great to have him.”

Q: Especially against a running team like this?

VERMEIL: “Yeah, especially against a real good team like Denver.

Q: How was practice today?

VERMEIL: “An excellent football practice, a real excellent football practice.”

Q: Do you get the same amount of work indoors as you do out?

VERMEIL: “Well, they look faster indoors. They always look quicker, so you always evaluate the practices as being better. But I’m not a big work outside if you have choice if it’s real cold. Then half the time you spend surviving trying to stay warm rather than concentrating and focusing on the details of your game plan and fundamentals. But we had an excellent practice indoors.”

Q: But don’t you want to simulate the environment you’re going to play in?

VERMEIL: “I used to think that; I don’t think that anymore. I’d just rather have a real good football practice and game day doesn’t matter where you play them with these guys. They’re going to be ready to play. That’s been my experience. I know the old expression used to be, ‘if you’re going to fight in the North Atlantic work in the North Atlantic.’ But times have changed. We have covered facilities just like we have domed stadiums.”

Q: What happened the first time you played the Broncos in Denver this year?

VERMEIL: “They did a job on us. We weren’t at full strength along the offensive line and they took advantage of it. They broke the big run on us and they did the normal things they do to us when we play in Denver. They beat us.

Q: You have a great record the last 16 home games in December. Could part of that be that the crowd stays with you, the crowd doesn’t thin out when it gets cold and windy?

VERMEIL: “The Kansas City Chiefs fans love football, obviously, and they love it just as much in December as they do in September. That’s an advantage. I think they love it more if you’re still in the hunt. I sense some no-shows in December here, but we still played well and still won. I think it all depends on the teams you play in December, too. To beat Denver at any time takes a good football game and all the advantages you can get.”

Q: Why are you so good against Denver in Kansas City?

VERMEIL: “I think it’s the same thing that makes Denver so good at home there. Maybe you play about 10% better than you normally play and your opponent plays about 10% below the level that he normally plays. That gives you a 20% edge when you play. I don’t know what it is but I like it. I wish I could do a better job of coaching on the road than I do.”

Q: Do you sense any tangible differences in attitude or focus considering this game is the Broncos?

VERMEIL: “I don’t think so. I think this: I have sensed their belief they have a shot to continue to be a good football team and have sensed this even prior to going to Buffalo and laying an egg. I sensed they started thinking they’re pass the halfway mark a couple of weeks ago and know we’re going to get some guys back and be healthier, that we can be better, we’ve won some games without some starters; we have a chance to get better. I have felt that even after the Buffalo game. In the last two weeks we’ve scored 71 points and given up 33. I think they feel good about that. It’s the right time of year to start getting better.”

Q: Jake Plummer used to be a guy you could almost rely on to make a mistake at some point. He’s gotten away from that. Is there anything he’s doing different?

VERMEIL: “First off, he’s a heck of a football player. They were minus in turnovers last year and while I can’t speak for them, I think they’ve made a deliberate attempt to play the game smarter. In doing that, many times it’s curtailing some of the things you ask the quarterback to do that are high risk. Then you try to tone him down – or any quarterback – and don’t ask him to make throws that are a little more high risk. You go from where they were to plus 14, boy, that’s probably as much a factor as them being the number one team in our division as anything. You just can’t win turning the ball over very often.

“I think it’s a credit to Mike Shanahan and Patrick McPherson who coaches the quarterbacks. They’ve done a good job and he’s at the right place because they do a great job of taking advantage of his skills and they create a lot of problems for you with him. I think they’ve refined some things in their offense and maybe they’re not doing as much. I don’t know. But I see a transformation there.”

Q: The players say there is a lot of talk that goes on from the Broncos on the field of play. Does the rivalry extend to the coaching staff?

VERMEIL: “No, I don’t sense any more rivalry with Denver than I do the Raiders or anybody else. I don’t sense it. I haven’t heard anything. I respect Mike Shanahan and think he’s one of the best coaches in football. He beat my a - - playing golf badly. They have a fine staff.”