View Full Version : 3 Day weekend!!!!

12-04-2005, 09:54 AM
Well this is the last day of my 3 day weekend so how'd I spend it?

Fri get up same time I usually get up, wait for the people that are going to install my flooring. Between 8-10am 9:40 get phone call. The person installing my flooring is sick with the 'flu' someone will be here within 2 hours. 11:30 dude shows up tells me my floor isn't level enough for the flooring need to have it grinded down. He gives me a number to call. I call, guy shows up about an hour later 45 min later and 250 bucks lighter in the wallet my floor is level.
So no flooring laid friday.

Sat get up early get call at 9:45, the person doing my flooring hasn't shown up to work but they will send someone in a 2 hours to start my job and it will be done today. Slightly fed up I say OK. Well Noon comes and goes and no one has shown up so about 11:45 I call them to tell them this. Getting really pissed I start thinking screw this I will just take the materials back to Home Depot and tell them to shove it up their collective ass. about the time I decide to do this (1:45) my phone rings they are finally on thier way. They worked till it got dark - job still not done.

Sunday They just showed up have the molding and transitions to install. They should be done by the time the Chiefs beat the Donks.

I am typing this sitting on my floor all my Living room furniture is stacked in my dining room all my dining room crap is on my patio.

12-04-2005, 09:57 AM
Hmm.. think they'll get it all done in a 5 hr frame?

12-04-2005, 10:10 AM
Yeah I think so all thats left is the quarter round and a few transtitions. I left out the part about dealing with HD. Basically I ordered the materials. They tell me in a couple days I will be able to pick it up. The flooring I pick is in stock but they have to order the transitions. A week or so goes by and I stop in to see if my order is ready - it isn't. A week later still no word so I call talk get flooring they finally answer the phone, I am told I don't want flooring I want carpet install so I have to call back as he can't transfer me. Again long wait on hold hell I think I had to call a couple times because I got 'lost' on hold. Finally this girl named Dominique takes charge and gets me some answers. Couple more days and I can pick up my stuff.

I finally pick it up about 3 weeks after initial order. They tell me in a day or 2 I will get a call to set up my install. I picked up my order on a thursday. Tuesday the following week still no call so I call Dominique she says she'll call the contractor. Wednesday no call so I call Dominique back Thursday I finally get a call from contractor they can install my flooring the Wed before T-giving - problem is I can't take work off that day and I was going outta state that evening. So their next available day to install was this past friday.