View Full Version : Green Stars, Lynch on Mars?

Color Red
12-04-2005, 11:35 PM
See what running back-by-committee gets you? (Chiefs fans have experience with this...). I'm sure fan talk in Denver this week will be, "Why didn't we run Bell earlier, instead of Anderson or Dayne. Because of how Bell ran late in the game."

Good spreading the ball around by Trent Green, with a defense that I'm sure was keying on Tony G. I don't think the Broncos know who Parker or Horn are, or apparently Dante Hall either. I'm sure Bronco fans think their passing game is more potent than ours, but really, who do they have after Smith and Lelie?

Uh, as many times as Lynch and other Broncos get fined for it, they should know there is an NFL rule that says "helmet to helmet" is a no no. They keep saying "hey, well I'm just agressive." Well, tell that to the NFL rule committee. They must think if they say it enough, things will change. No, actually you just keep getting penalized and fined. The rule won't go away.

Yes, Trent Green's tackle was a game saver. That wasn't the only play he was throwing his body around making plays during the game. He continues to be the most highly productive NFL QB that no one talks about. People would rather talk about Michael Vick and that guy who used to start for Philadelphia.

What a balanced win, with crucial performances by both offense and defense near the end to secure the victory! I had moments there in the fourth quarter when I thought not only, "good, the defense will go out there and stop them," but also, "good, leave it to our offense to hold on to the ball and run out the clock."

One pathetic moment: on the late game kickoff, we get the fifteen yard difference for the Lynch unsportsmanlike penalty, and the guy still runs the kickoff, catching it near the one yard line. I know the game wasn't at "mile high", and it was so cold the ball was hard as a rock, but still, it was slightly pathetic.