View Full Version : Top 10 reasons Chiefs beat the Donks...

12-05-2005, 05:21 PM
10.) Dammit, for the 100th time, the Broncos didn't get beat, they just ran out of time.

9.) Air wasn't thin enough.

8.) It was too cold.

7.) Seriously, how much of a genious is Shanahan for calling 3 straight runs up the gut on 1st and goal from the 6?

6.) Damn refs called a bogus chop block that ruined our momentum.

5.) The best CB in the NFL had the one bad game of his career and gave up 2 TD's.

4.) Seriously, how much of a genious is Shanahan for giving the ball to 30-year-old FB Mike Anderson on a crucial 4th and 1?

3.) The replay was totally inconclusive and the spot of that ball never should've been moved back. Damn refs!

2.) The refs have it out for John Lynch. That was an awful call. Even though all those fines he got in the past for helmet-to-helmet hits were bogus since they weren't even called penalties during the actual game, this helmet-to-helmet penalty against Kennison was not a dirty, cheap shot by a dirty, cheap-shot artist, but instead a good clean hit that was called a penalty by a blind, homer ref.

and the #1 reason the Chiefs beat the Donks...

1) Even though I will never admit it to Chiefs fans, Jake Plummer is no Elway (or Trent Green for that matter) when it comes to 4th quarter comebacks.