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12-07-2005, 06:46 AM
Don: To answer your question, Natalie…
the board of directors was a little concerned…
that we didn’t have a “Back to School” drug or “Christmas” drug.
We didn’t have an “International Women’s Day” drug.
I tried to remind them that when I invented Stummies…

Employees: Yes, Don, thank God that you did.

Don: It took both time and effort. But unfortunately, the board takes a narrow view. And in their own narrow way, they think that the company is losing money. Which in fact we are, but again, I think this is the narrow view.

Employess: Damn them, Don! What the hell do they know?

Don: They’re insisting we cut our research outlay by 40 %. Of course I told them to **** off.

Employees: Good for you, Don!

Don: But out loud I said I’d consider it.

Employees: Exactly the right thing to do—play with them.

Don: Where are we with that?

Employees: With what, Don?

Don: Our restructuring plan.

Employees: The thing you just mentioned just now?

Don: Yeah.

Employees:We’re on top of that Don.

Don: Good.


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WTF?Hell ya.