View Full Version : Where is Todd Peterson?

10-08-2000, 08:23 PM
What happened to Peterson after Seattle cut him? He had one of the best seasons a kicker has had in the NFL last year and now he's dissappeared?

10-08-2000, 08:25 PM
He was injured and is going to be unavailbe to play for at least a couple more weeks. The way a lot of teams are playing, when he gets healthy their could be a race to pick him up. The Redskins need a FG kicker as bad as anyone.

10-08-2000, 08:32 PM
You couldnt have hit it anymore on the dot. As much as I love the chiefs, the Redskins are my favorite team.( Because thats where i'm from). Todays game made me sick. Missing two field goals like that today was RIDICULOUS!!!!!

10-08-2000, 08:37 PM
As a Chiefs fan I'd have to say wait in line to anyone else (Redskin fan). KC needs the kicker more than they. At least KC will get into the playoffs. With a healthy Peterson they are assured of at least the West crown, perhaps the best record in the AFC.