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12-08-2005, 07:38 PM
Q: Why is the Dallas pass defense so good?

GREEN: They have these young guys that can really pressure the passer. I think CB Terence (Newman) is playing really well right now. He had high expectations coming out of college and I think he is living up to those expectations now. On the other side they have some injuries to both corners that are playing that spot and we are not sure which guy we are going to see. With the play of their safeties and the pressure they are putting on their quarterback, I actually just read something in Sports Illustrated an interview or quote with Newman had said that because of the pass pressure the secondary all of a sudden looks a lot better and I think that is very evident. When you can generate a pass rush with your down four or a combination of stunts with your linebackers that helps your secondary and I think right now they are able to create that pressure without having to over analyze or commit to many guys to the pass rush. When you can drop guys in coverage and be able to still get pressure that will cause problems for any team.

Q: You have to be pretty happy with the way you guys picked up pressure last week?

GREEN: The last two weeks our offensive line and backs I dont want to forget the backs because they a huge part of that and really the last two weeks against New England and Denver two teams that both bring pressure have good front sevens and I thought the protection was great. The amount of time they gave me to throw. Obviously the running game has been working the last couple weeks and that is a direct reflection of how well the line is playing.

Q: With having T Willie (Roaf) back for a couple of weeks how much more comfortable are you back there?

GREEN: It just gives us the ability to expand our offense to utilize more of what we do and mix it up and that is when we are at our best is when we can mix it up and Willie gives us the ability to do those things so it is definitely nice to have him back.

Q: You guys have the deep ball because it has seemed the last couple of weeks you have thrown the deep ball more than you have?

GREEN: We have an opportunity to throw it where we have some match-up situations that worked in our favor. Last week Denver had two rookies that were playing at that left corner and so we were able to utilize that a couple of times. The week before New England had a rookie on one side and sometimes you can find those match-ups that give you a distinct advantage. Having Willie in there gives us the ability to do that and anytime we can stretch the field the secondary cant sit on the underneath passes we are able to stretch things as it opens up the middle passing game as well as the running game. That has been a big part of our game the last couple of weeks.

Q: You spoke last week after the game about the big pass plays you had in the first half opened up the run in the second half. Was that kind of the idea going in?

GREEN: I just think that is the way it unfolded. I think they had to respect the running game and because of how well RB Larry (Johnson) had been playing and has been playing. With our play-action working so well those first few quarters they had to respect it. Whether or not that is me just looking into something and trying to find an underlying cause as to why we were so effective in the fourth quarter running the ball I dont know maybe it was just a matter of getting a hat on a hat and guys blocking well and Larry making guys miss hitting the crease. I think our offense is at its best when we can mix it up.

Q: You talk about momentum and obviously you guys have won three straight do you believe the momentum goes from game to game?

GREEN: I think it can go game to game. That is evident around the league. I think every season is that way. If you can get on a roll a lot is made about some coaches approach to the preseason as they want to win all the preseason games because it gives you momentum going into the regular season. Other coaches are like, well we just want to get through and get our guys healthy. I know its something that is talked about and that is something staffs and players take notice of because if you can get on a roll there is sometimes where you feel invincible because I have been a part of that here when we went 9-0 a couple years ago I have been a part of that in St. Louis in 99 where you get to a point where you feel no way you can lose you are going to some how find a way to pull a game out whether it be special teams defense or offense. Its a great feeling when you get to that point.

Q: Do you think you guys are peaking at the right time?

GREEN: I am glad we are going the direction we are going. You still want to be playing your best ball at the end of the season if you are in the playoff position. It does you no good if you are 4-9 and peaking at the end of the season. If you put yourself in position where the last month of games means a lot you would rather be peaking at that time, yeah.

Q: Do you feel the rhythm that you guys especially offensively?

GREEN: I think that has been evident the last three weeks. We have been real effective since that embarrassment up in Buffalo how bad we played and the last three weeks whether it be Houston, New England or the Denver game. We have just had really good balance and really good rhythm. Like I said the good mix with the run and the pass we have been feeding off the defense. The defense has been feeding off of us. The chemistry of this whole team has been good the last couple of weeks.

Q: You have been good this time of year the past several years. Is playing in December a mindset the team has to have?

GREEN: I think so, I think its a veteran group and I think there is a big advantage to that. I think with a veteran group you understand the length of the season and what it takes to keep your body physically and mentally prepared for the long stretch. Some of the younger guys kind of hit that wall so I think that gives us an advantage.

Q: Can you talk about how this December is different?

GREEN: We have put ourselves in a position where all these final four games matter an that is all you can ask when the season starts is to be playing meaningful names in December to either make the playoffs get a bye or get home field all those different things that factor into it so this definitely carries a lot more weight because a couple years ago we had jumped off to such a great start at 9-0 those games not that they werent as meaningful but the position that we are in now its much more necessary that we play well.

Q: Has WR Eddie (Kennison) become a guy you can depend on?

GREEN: He has been since he has gotten here. Its not just something that has developed this year. He came in from day one. I think the relationship that he and Coach Vermeil have the way things finished for him in Denver it was a fresh start for him. Coach made it clear it was a fresh start and I made it clear what I was looking from him in terms of effort and what we needed and the ability to stretch the field and the success that he could have in this offense and he has run with it. Ever since day one he has worked his tail off in practice. He has worked his tail off in the games and he somebody that is accountable and that I can rely on and Coach Saunders makes an example of him quite a bit when he is showing practice tape. Here is a guy who has been in the league 10 years has accomplished a lot. Watch the way he practices and watch the way he prepares. Its no secret as to why he has had success the last few seasons its because of his work ethic hes had and its great for our younger players to see have an example like that to follow and he has played really well.

Q: How come it has been such a quiet 1,000 yards this last two years. He is on pace for 1,000 yards again. How come it has been done so quietly?

GREEN: We have a great running game. RB Priest (Holmes) has obviously garnered a lot of attention and rightfully so with the touchdowns and the yards. RB Larry (Johnson) has garnered a lot of attention because of yards and touchdowns. Tony Gonzalez going to the number of Pro Bowls he has gone to and the fact he has established himself one of the best tight ends to ever play the game. He can only spread so much around and so Eddie has kind of been under the radar a little bit. We felt last year he had a Pro Bowl-caliber season but with the way the season was going for us not too many teams with losing records have guys make the Pro Bowl unless they are big name guys that have been there before and guys really take notice of. If we keep playing better and Eddie continues to play the way he has it would great to see him rewarded with a Pro Bowl because I think he is playing at that level.

Q: There are a lot of fine receivers around that have 10 years in the league like WR Keyshawn Johnson, WR Rod (Smith), WR Jimmy (Smith) and Eddie right there with all of them as far as catches. What is it about that position that guys seem to hit a best after 10 years?

GREEN:I wish I could explain it. I know Sports Illustrated just recently did an article that I was reading that covers that entire class the number of players that are in that class that have done so well for such an expended period of time. Sometimes you draft a track guy or a fast guy but he doesnt ever really understand body control and getting himself in position for crossing routes and understanding seems and releasing off of press coverage sometimes you get a slower guy that is a good possession guy but after so many concussions because that is what they are then it usually doesnt last that long. If you can find a guy that is smart and understands body control and understands the game in seams and creases and finds an offense that he fits well in. Eddie fits really well in this offense. WR Jerry (Rice) fit really well in the West Coast offense. You find a system and that is why you draft guys and sign guys as free agents to fit in to your system that you want to run and if you can find a veteran guy that understands all those things he can have a lot of success.

Q: Can you talk about the last four games not just that you are playing good teams, but you are playing good teams that are in similar situations?

GREEN: Its fun and that is what you want. I said it earlier playing games in December that are meaningful and playing against teams that have the same on the line because coach touched on it three weeks ago. Every game from here on out has to be a playoff type of approach. New England is preparing for the playoffs. Denver is playing for the playoffs and Dallas is right in the think of the NFC playoffs. The last three games have been two teams that are trying to get in that position. You approach it any differently than you are going to be overwhelmed you are not going to be as prepared as you should be so that is what makes it fun. We have four weeks to prove ourselves and 12 weeks up to this point all we have done is given ourselves a chance and now we have four weeks to try and get where we want to go and I dont think anyone is happy or satisfied with being 8-4 or having a three game winning streak. Its about trying to get into that next stage of the season and that is the playoffs and only so many teams are asked to go. The way it looks right now the AFC its going to come down to the final week and hopefully we are apart of that mix.

Q: What about the defense? Have you ever been apart of the Chiefs where you felt this strongly about your defense?

GREEN: I think our defense is playing better than have played the entire time I have been here. I think it has been a growing process with a lot of young guys who have stepped up and played extremely well. Obviously DE Jared (Allen) and LB Kawika (Mitchell), those two guys are the ones that really jumped up on the guys. They have really developed over the last couple of seasons and really played well. We have good veteran leadership over there with DE Eric (Hicks) and CB (Sammy Knight), CB (Patrick Surtain) and S Greg (Wesley). There are a lot of veteran guys that are playing really well and I think they just have a lot of confidence right now. I think they feel good about what they are doing. They feel good about way Gunther (Cunningham) is approaching the game and giving them opportunity to have success. When you get that confidence you think you are going to go out every time and make plays no matter where the team has the ball whether it be a special teams or turnover on the offense where all of a sudden you are on a short field. When you have that confidence its just more fun to play and it seems like they are having a lot more fun. In years past it was almost like lets go out and do as best we can and hopefully nothing goes wrong. Now its like when they take the field it seems like lets go out here and make something happen and obviously from an offensive standpoint and from a fan standpoint its just a lot more fun to see them go out with that type of attitude.

Q: Is this team better or can you compare them to the 13-3 a couple years ago in 2003?

GREEN: I just think we are a more well-rounded team then we were that year. I think with the offense now there are still four games to go so I cant say what is going to be at the end of the season. But this stage I think we are much more well-rounded. I dont know if the offense is at the place we were a couple years ago in terms of how effective we were, but I think as a team we are better off with our defense playing so well and with our special teams coming along and how well K Lawrence (Tynes) kicking and how well P Dustin (Colquitt) has grown in terms of his ability to punt in pressure situations. I just think in as an overall team we are in a better place right now.

Q: Are you confident more now as a team?

GREEN: I was confident two years ago. I went into that (playoff) game against Indianapolis thinking we were going to win the game. I didnt have any doubts that we werent going to play well and unfortunately it didnt work well for us, but no I have a lot of confidence right now and there are four weeks to go and hopefully everybody has the right approach and the right frame of mind that we finish the season the way we want to. Like I said after 12 weeks of the season all you want to do is position yourself to make the four games in December meaningful and that is what we have done.

Q: You guys are on a pretty good offensive run the last three weeks but you say you dont feel like this team offensively is where the team two years ago was. Is that because you guys havent done it for as long of a period this year?

GREEN: We did it the entire season that year and we have had our ups and downs this year. You can blame it on injuries, you can blame it on costly turnovers and penalties, whatever you want to blame it on. We just havent been as consistent this year. Now to reiterate what you just said the last three weeks we have done that. We have been more consistent and that is what we did the entire 2003 season. They were consistent so if we can do what we have done the last three weeks and keep that up over the next month then yeah I feel really good about where the offense is compared to that year but at this point in time. We havent done consistently enough.

Q: But just looking at the past three weeks?

GREEN: We are back more into that consistency and when we are able to mix things up and keep the balance like we have done the last three weeks. I have said it over and over again that is when we are at our best and the last three weeks have indicated that and that is important that we attempt to do that these next four weeks as well.

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