View Full Version : Its all about the TE.

12-11-2005, 09:04 AM
No, not TG. Yes the offense needs a good showing by TG. But over the next 3 games we will be facing a trio of TE that can be argued to be having a more productive season than TG. (And this is only meant to say that TG having more blocking responsibilities and less recieving time still hangs at the top of TE.)

Add to this that the KC defense has had a terrible time covering TE and RB but especially TE in the passing game. Part of that is having played Gates once already but you could see the problem in the Denver game with the big play by their TE. This has been repeated by Washington and Philly and will bite us again if we don't find someway to improve coverage.

Part of that TE and RB are part of the outlet passes for blitzing schemes but still we are going to have to do a much better job defensing TE (and rb) to impove are chances for winning out.

Whitten has a better recieving rate, Shockley better yards and TDs and ... will we know about Gates who is having the best recieving game at TE.
RK TEAM_______vs. #1 WR_RK_____ vs. #2 WR_RK_____ vs. Other WR_RK____ vs. TE_RK_____ vs. RB RK
21 KC_______-11.0% 10______________11.4% 25_______ -34.6% 6 _________40.4% 27 _______10.1% 27

The higher the number the worst performance by defense.