View Full Version : A tale of two coaches...

12-11-2005, 06:59 PM
Vermiel's interview at halftime shows exactly what is wrong with him. He acted like the last 5 min of the first half was no big deal because Dallas hadnít stopped Dallas all day. WTF? You think that is going to continue all day? This is the NFL. Teams make adjustments. You have to exploit your opponent when they are down. We blew at least 14 points, probably 21 at the end of the half. You just canít do that and expect to win. It galls me the way he acted like everything was okay.

Today Dallas took advantage of their opportunities. Kudos to them. We did not. And that is a pure reflection of the differences between the two head coaches. Parcells prepares his players to take advantage of rare opportunities. Vermiel thinks that opportunities just keep falling at your feet. Missed fumble recoveries, missed interceptions Ė they happen because the team is not prepared to take advantage of the rare opportunities.

Again kudos to the Cowboys, they made the most of things. Chiefs did not. Ball game.