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12-12-2005, 02:56 PM
Gotta like this guy's heart.


Dec 11, 2005, 2:55:37 PM

Rookie Diary
Week 14 Ė December 11, 2005

I tell you what folksÖ this has been a great rookie season. Weíve played Denver, Oakland and the defending Super Bowl champs and have had all of the games come down to the fourth quarter and nearly the final play. Oh yeah, we beat them all, too. There isnít a better way to start your career. Iím going to remember my rookie season and particularly those games for the rest of my life. And with any luck down the stretch, Iíll have a whole bunch more great memories from the playoffs and beyond. Weíll see.

Looking back to that Denver game, I canít get over how huge that was for us. It was an AFC West clash. They are leading the division and after beating them, weíre only one game back and still in the running. It put us in a great situation going into the Dallasboomerjersey game. The team is really coming together and playing as a unit. It was unbelievable how the defense stepped up on that fourth-an-one play. High drama, but Iím proud of our guys.

Another interesting note from last Sunday vs. Denver was Coach Cunningham at halftime. As much of a tough-nosed, general that everyone sees him as, people probably assume that heís just a screaming terror who flips out all the time and only yells to get his point across. But that is completely not the case.

The man is easily one of the most passionate coaches Iíve ever been around and probably that exists. Heís also one of the greatest defensive minds. He knows how to bring out the best in his players because in his heart he is one of the players. He is a player, only heís a coordinator with experience to go with it. Heís the best of both worlds. He sets the tone for the entire defense. The entire change of the defense began with him and him changing the culture.

At halftime of the Denver game, everyone would have assumed that heíd rip into us. Denver had gotten a few big plays and put up 21 points, some youíd think he would come in the locker room and start cussing everyone out.

But instead, he said, ďLook, this is the NFL, (Stuff) happens. This is the way it works. Now the key is how we respond to this in the next half.Ē He put the plays up and said, ďThis is what we need to stop and this is what Iím asking of you. (Stuff) happens and you need to clear that out of your mind. This is a new half and weíre still tied. Weíve got to win this game.Ē

I thought that was incredible. Probably a bunch of the guys in the locker room thought he was going to come in there and blow a fuse. But for him to come in there and stay level-headed and professional really calmed everyone down and helped us go into the second half with a better mindset.boomboom

So after the game ended and we won, I was so overcome with joy that all I could think of was how I wanted to jump on the goal post and start tearing it down. Then I would want to get the crowd onto the field to help tear it down. I think I might get fined for that though. Iíve never seen a member of the winning team on the field tearing down the goal post with the fans. But thatís what I want to do some time before Iím done playing. I want to be the starter of the mob that will be jumping on the goal post. That doesnít happen in the NFL, and they probably donít want that.

Our security will probably be reading this going, ďOh crap, what is he doing.Ē I love our security. I feel safer than the President. But at one moment in my career Iím probably going to make them really upset. Iíll just have to give them a really nice Christmas present or something.

Hereís a little nugget for you. I met one of the KU linebackers in Lawrence and he and I were talking about the dying breed of Caucasian linebackers in football. He said ďYep, weíre Cracker Backers.Ē I loved it. In this world sensitivity and political correctness, I donít mind at all being called a Cracker Backer. Iím a little bit country and Iím proud of that. Iím like Baskin Robbins, I like all 31 flavors. I just like everybody. So I feel like because Iím 31 flavors, itís alright for me to consider myself a Cracker Backer.

So we got pounded with snow in Kansas City this week. Being from Illinois, that was nothing new to me. Iím going like 75 on the interstate while everyone else is going like 50. But now that I have a newer car, I have more rim and less tire. In college I drove a little Blazer that was great, but now I canít quite stop as fast. So I was trying to pull into my apartment complex and I kind of over-shot the gate a little. My brakes didnít catch right away and I went up on the grass and over the landscape a little. So everyone knew could see my tracks for the next three days. I felt a little guilty about that, but at least I didnít hit a tree or anything.

On our team though, there are a lot of guys that have never seen snow. I live with Will Svitek and heís from Stanford and heís never seen it. He thinks itís amazing, but heís a little unsure about it. He doesnít want to drive in it and he doesnít feel safe. When he drives with me heís always telling me to slow down and everything.

The best part of the week might have been doing donuts in the Arrowhead parking lots after practice. They donít plow some of the big lots, so we took Eric Hicksí truck out on them and had some fun. I donít recommend doing it though. Itís probably illegal and the politically-correct Boomer says, ďBe responsible, donít do donuts.Ē

But what I want to do is tie a sled to the back of my car and go blazing across the parking lots. The lots are perfect as long as you avoid the light poles. You could hit like 50 mph and that would be ridiculous. Again, donít try this at home. But if I did it I think Iíd wear my Chiefs helmet out there. So if you see some idiot going 50 mph in the parking lot on a sled attached to a truck while wearing his Chiefs helmetÖ thatís me.

So itís Saturday night in Dallas and Iím in the hotel working on this. But itís now 9:26 p.m. and I have a 9:30 p.m. meeting. Gotta run.



12-12-2005, 02:59 PM
The quality of Boomer's diary is the only thing that's consistant with this team these days.

Rain Man
12-12-2005, 03:02 PM
A player tearing down a goal post? That'd be cool. It'd have to be a Super Bowl or something, though.

I wonder what kind of car Boomer drives, and I think it's cool that he lives with Will Svitek, who will someday be our starting left tackle.

12-12-2005, 04:55 PM
"Cracker Backer" ROFL

Zebedee DuBois
12-12-2005, 06:33 PM
Again, donít try this at home. But if I did it I think Iíd wear my Chiefs helmet out there. So if you see some idiot going 50 mph in the parking lot on a sled attached to a truck while wearing his Chiefs helmetÖ thatís me.


Chief Henry
12-13-2005, 08:52 AM
"Cracker Backer" ROFL

"Cracker Backer" I laughed my ass off on that one too.

My neighbor that just moved in across the road from me this fall
coached Boomer in Wrestling as a Freshman in High School.
My neighbor told me Boomer was a crazy kid.

I lost a Beer to my new neighbor the Cowboy fan, go figure.